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  1. The $100 haggisburger.

    very nice shots !
  2. 50 shades of blue

    very nice one !
  3. Panthers over Valdez

    nice shots ! I like the focus on the cockpit one
  4. 24 hours is enough...

    very nice set of shots !
  5. Sky's Lice

    Of course it exists : https://www.fastaviationdata.com/aircraft/mignet-hm-290/ English website https://grenier-aviation.jimdo.com/les-aƩronefs/henri-mignet/henri-mignet-hm-290/ french website
  6. Edwards

    Still KEDW Edwards, CA
  7. Sky's Lice

    In french : "pou du ciel" = sky's lice You can got it here : http://frenchvfr.free.fr/download.php?lng=en&tconfig=0 choose "aircraft fsx/p3d" choose HM-290 of Henri Mignet Under the picture you got the download link download is protected : when you will download it, just enter the login "henri" and the password "mignet" Have some good flights Other interesting aircrafts are available, just check the other names, the links Under the pictures and normally, if protected, you will find login and password to download it.
  8. They Come from the Land Down Under ...

    nice set of shots !
  9. Foggy start

    Nice shots !
  10. 737-200 Demo at her Renton birthplace

    Nice shots !
  11. Silver bird over Anacortes

    nice shots !
  12. Common clay of the new west...

    nice shots !
  13. My bridge over troubled waters.

    nice shots !