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  1. Hi Jeff, i had the same problem. I want to fly between the airports with FSpasssengers but therefore you need the strips to be selectable as airports to be able to use them. Can you point me to file that addresses the TAP airports? Thanks. Edwin
  2. Hi dbutterf, thanks for your reply, but I decided to do a complete reinstall and now everything is fine. Don' t know why but i'm happy now.
  3. Hi Richard, i applied the fix (deleted the mentioned files) and this is the result: EDCP EDWI As you can see, still trees on the runways and taxiways. Also the runway is floating in the air and the taxiways + aprons are elevated. Something is defenitly wrong here. Any ideas? Best regard, Edwin.
  4. Thanks Richard, will give that a try. Cheers, Edwin
  5. Hi, i'm new to this forum so please be gentle with me I have some trouble with trees on the runway and aprons at EDCP (peenemunde) I have FTX gobal installed together with Germany north. Also the free europe airfield package is installed. I tried to manipulate the order in the scenery library but that didn't work. Can you please help me? Another question: what is the correct order of the scenery in the scenery library? [/URL]
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