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  1. Clarification on time of the 48% Sale

    I do think that this does need to be clarified better next time around. Like Nick I assumed that midnight was the end of the day not the beginning, which is why people say "see you at midnight tonight" etc. I got most of what I wanted, but I stopped by at 15:30UTC today to pick up a few more things expecting another 22 odd hours of buying window to be available, only to find I'd missed the date and this thread! Oh well - I'm sure there'll be another one. Cheers
  2. My first PC used for Flightsim.

    I seem to remember enjoying this one:
  3. Perth please

    + 1 for YPPH and YPDN from me as well. And why is there no YBSU (that's much easier to do!) Cheers
  4. Finally! 747 in V4.

    Hi Jack - UTLive is working great with P3Dv4. Needs a couple of tweaks in some config files - all detailed in the UTLive support forum ... quick pic to prove it:
  5. FTX Trees HD for P3D v4 ?

    ... except the aircraft ..
  6. A big big thank you to all the team !!

    I haven't been a great fan of FTXC ... until now ... but was really impressed with how smooth the transition to P3Dv4 has been. Thanks guys for making so easy - and thanks Nick for the tip about not using old downloads, I ended up installing some regions into v3 and then letting FTXC port them across. All went fantastically smoothly. Cheers
  7. It's sale time

    Nor was I - which is why I paid full price at 9pm on the 30th... Grr
  8. That call was made at 15:29:28 local (about 75 seconds before they hit the water) once the pilot realised he had no other option. Things were a little busy - least of anyone's concerns at the time. For a proper understanding of the whole event the best thing to do is actually read the NTSB report - which is available at the NTSB website: http://www.ntsb.gov/doclib/reports/2010/aar1003.pdf Cheers Paul
  9. Interesting time in the Camden Tower

    That brings back memories - but it looks a lot busier than when I was training there. Guess that's due to the closure of YHOX? Thanks for posting.
  10. The Cub or the Scout?

    Splash out Howard - get both - you won't regret it... and the scout is only about £16 on the Realair website. That has to count as one of FS's best bargains! Cheers Paul
  11. The Cub or the Scout?

    Howard - I've got both and I agree with Iain - if you don't have the Cub then you really should get it, together with the Accusim pack. It's loads of fun - but as the others said, don't expect to get anywhere fast, it's probably quicker to drive! Cheers Paul
  12. Good FSX software for simpit

    It's a neat way to get your hardware talking to FSX ... http://forum.avsim.net/forum/424-linda/
  13. I'm looking for a Thrustmaster Worthog

    Try www.myus.com - they will accept delivery of items ordered in the US and forward them to you. I have used them for several years and they are great. Cheers Paul
  14. WANTED: Sanctuary...

    Now that made me laugh Matt - thanks....
  15. Simpit

    Redbird in the US make a full motion GA sim for under US$ 60,000 (which is not much for you Aussies these days!). It's even FAA certified as a training device: />http://www.redbirdflightsimulations.com/?page_id=62