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  1. Many times today when trying to install Orbx central, I have been frustrated by the lack of its ability to install. A window appears that says it's Loading... Loading products & Libraries... then nothing, it just hangs for ages until I eventually get fed up and cancel it. I have tried to open it as administrator and still no difference. There is nothing wrong with my top range PC or my network which are both super fast. So, over to those out there that may want offer an excuse.. err, sorry, a solution.
  2. Thanks for this, also in my last post I forgot to mention that I have the following addons: Global TerraFlora - Loaded TrueEarth GB Central/North/South - Loaded Manchester Airport – Not loaded I will look at upgrading my memory, but it had been running previously OK. I'll see if it helps though. Regards AJ
  3. Hi thanks for getting back These are my spec's. I currently operate X plane 11 (the latest download version) on my D/drive (see below). I have tried other drives including my current C/drive which is an SSD, but to no avail, same problem. X plane works well, but only when ORBX is not loaded. Otherwise I get memory issues and XP11 crashes ( I kept my graphics settings very low, but even this did not help. X plane support refers to Addons and as mentioned, ORBX is the only Addon I had installed. I have deleted X plane for the time being ready to reinstall and
  4. I seem to be having trouble with ORBX when I install it for X plane 11. Prior to the installation XP11 works very well. After installation XP11 crashes. I would like to know whether others are having this problem and is there a fix. The support forum at X Plane did after reading a log file, state that the problem was due to a plugin - the only plugin I had installed was ORBX. Any help would be welcome.
  5. Thanks for this. On a related matter and the reason I asked this question originally: after downloading and running XP11, I posted a tech question to the forum regarding missing file messages and trouble when running XP11 with ORBX. I backed this up with log file data and am hoping to get a response as I am unable to use the scenery. Log.txt
  6. I am having loading problems. XP11 is not loading ORBX and I am getting memory full, missing files messages and messages referring to problems with OpenGL (OGL_extensions.cpp:) 1229). XP11 had been working correctly prior to installing ORBX. The X-palne suport team are blaming Addons and ORBX is the only addon I have installed, thus my post here. I have attached an XP11 log file if anyone can help. Log.txt
  7. I am downloading a few items from my ORBX Central and it is taking some time - 4 hours so far. Q: Does it take longer to download the files if I queue them? Q: If I turn off the PC, will the download continue later from where it left off? (if not don't want to do this after getting so far) And if it does continue, will there be any likelihood of files going missing or corrupt?
  8. Hi..yeas, I have revisited ORBX and now see that this is the case. Solves my problem then. Many thanks
  9. Hi. I am a big fan of ORBX but am confused regarding openLC Europe which I own for FSX. I now see that there is true Earth Great Britain South. Will this enhance what I already have in the open LC Europe and if so how? Should I buy it? I see that in X plane there is no openLC…?? I have bought true earth products for this which are great. Thanks
  10. My heart bleeds for you it really does. And we poor fools trying to download and taking all day to do it, complaining and adding insult to injury. Shame on us! However, it does seem like your “new system” as someone wrote, is not improving things much. I made sure that my system complied speed wise and anti-virus etc., and started to download at 10 am this morning. It is now 3:15 pm and still has some way to go. Maybe okay by tomorrow this time then eh?
  11. Ok so i'm new and didn't realise the rules. So where do I place the order number? I am referring to : - FTX: Global VECTOR FTX: Global BASE FTX: Global openLC Europe Now uninstalling as FSX hangs and does not respond at all. I'll read the PDF install instructions again closer but don't hold out much hope.
  12. I am a little exasperated that after investing in this rather expensive piece of software, that after installing it, my FSX hangs taking forever to load and when loaded takes forever to work. In fact I have yet to see it working as it is still hanging as I write this message. When one purchase something, one would expect it to work. Anything to the contrary and one would expect a refund. No chance of that happening here. I imagine now, that I will need to plough through a myriad of pages here or elsewhere to find a solution!. Of course in the meantime if anyone can offer a solution to save me
  13. Without trawling through all the various messages (is there a topic search tool?), can anyone please explain how to install ORBX to FSX Steam, as it is not found when installing Global...? I have run the registry tool but the problem remains. I have heard that changing the FSX-Steam directory name to FSX may help but I am concerned that doing this may damage data or links used by Steam. I would appreciate any suggestions. Regards Alan
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