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  1. Very very nice mate, doesn't Ants YPDN work in P3D?
  2. Great piece with so many furphys and the reaction in this thread gives us banana benders so many alternatives for Mel - b'n, burn or bin
  3. Lovely stuff Gerold! Your ability to capture important scenery, weather and aircraft operation in a single capture never ceases to amaze me
  4. Glad to see your underhand capabilities are back in action!
  5. A worthy succession to your last set here, thank you and Happy New Year!
  6. Very very nice indeed
  7. Marvelous informative set Gerold - did you do the relocation flight for that aircraft beforehand or did someone fly it over for you
  8. A truly dedicated sense of humour and great aircraft operation
  9. Excellent KAL shots and great 'plane - I have this one in my FSX, although it is the Steam version - sort of works OK but haven't had time to tweak it yet.
  10. Arrr! You're making me think about getting my ZK 'planes out of the hangar - fine shots great 'plane for the job!
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