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  1. Fantastic AND funny - thanks mate!
  2. Another great mixture of shots, thank you for taking the time to post these, and I agree that the darkness/coolness/silence and heat/isolation of Australia's red centre can only really be appreciated by personal experience
  3. Great virtual and real shots - these bridges made a huge difference to traffic flow around Brisbane CBD and also to through traffic using Highway 1 and bypassing Brisbane.
  4. WOW Gerold another juxtaposition set of marvelous captures both real and virtual bringing back memories of family travels there in 1985 - all five of us in a Landcruiser Troop carrier 1982 model - tent on roof rack with two extra spare tyres, water in jerry cans, small genset for lights/radios, kero stove and big eskies for food and other essentials, two fuel tanks, two batteries, two alternators, two aircons and two compressors. In those days we could camp anywhere we liked mostly - indeed it was a shorter distance for us to travel, we only drove down from Arnhemland where we lived and back again after our explorations.
  5. Beaut set of real and sim shots, brought back many memories of family visits three decades ago, thank you!
  6. Marvelous stuff - so easy to look at and excellent descriptions, thank you yet again!
  7. Great presentation and nice flying as well mate!
  8. Marvelous set and story as always mate!
  9. The 'brown road' is construction work for the 'new' (at the time of ORBX YBBN release) access road from the relocated Gateway M10 - the access road was completed several years ago. Now of course an updated YBBN would have to show the nearing completion of the parallel runway!
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