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  1. Mate if you hadn't told me I would have said RL photos - great shots!
  2. Silver and Gold Mate! {Silver 'plane, Gold scenery) Top shots!
  3. More top shots and a great story line!
  4. Top shots and descriptions mate!
  5. As a matter of interest I compiled the YBMC, YBSU and YBWW AI files in 2017 and they were posted on the OZx site - they were for FSX although I was told they worked in P3D. They required the latest version of Graham's FTX AI to be installed and my YBMC and YBSU AI files supplemented his work, hence the term "update" in the file name. If you are using a YBMC scenery, or have altered Flukey's scenery to YBMC, then you will find a lot of aircraft movements. If you are using Flukey's unaltered YBSU scenery and my YBSU AI update then you will only see the updated AI and not Graham's AI - if you want to see the full AI you will have decompile and recompile Graham's AI as I have described previously - I have been told this works no problems. Personally I have altered Flukey's YBSU to YBMC as, aaprt from being the easiest solution, another thing you loose by having the ICAO change is the ATIS and the ATC name call. I also had to amend some of the parking spots in front of the terminal so updated AI airlines would go where they should. If anyone wants the AI files mentioned above I would be happy to post the files here if that's OK with Graham and the management.
  6. Most traffic files will have YBMC as the airport code, you will need to de-compile the traffic files (after first making a back up) and change the airport code to YBSU in both the airport.txt and flightplans.txt then recompile the traffic.bgl and replace the old one.
  7. What a great set mate! Thank you!
  8. A truly marvelous set Jack congrats and lovely operation too!
  9. Indeed Jays contribution to our sim experience over the last decades has been massive and I hope he has many happy returns and that life is going well for him and his family
  10. +1 to what Ken said and the Porter is one of the few aircraft you can safely land from that end of the strip as well as takeoff as you are.
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