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  1. Great capture, excellent perspective really shows off a part of my birth city to best advantage, thank you.
  2. Your teaser lived up to and surpassed my expectations - what a variety of terrain - thank you!
  3. WOW never been to Crete in the sim - I will now
  4. What amazes me is that I paid about the same amount for the first version of MSFS as I did more than a decade later for FSX! Considering the time lapse and economic factors I paid lots more in real terms for version 1! Never regretted a single dollar and yes I revisit Meigs and surrounds once a year or so - still miss those amazing colour contrasts of version 1 'tho
  5. Great captures, great aircraft, great story, great title and great song which I have performed here with guitar in OZ for some decades on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.
  6. The variations in this scenery never cease to amaze as well illustrated by yourself!
  7. Great shots one of my favourite places also and much improved in my FSX after latest update.
  8. WOW you show so well how virtually nothing can be absorbing!
  9. I missed this post and thank you Scaber for the HU in the main forum. I am very sad to get this news as I had the privilege to work with him in the OZx scenery days and the pleasure to partake in some of his excellently organized Flying Club sessions. Bruce was an extremely talented and well organized man who would help anyone with anything within his capabilities. If he couldn't help he would find out who could. He was a dab hand at scenery creation and a very particular Beta tester for others. I will miss his presence in the sim community very deeply and I offer my deepest condolences to his family. Vale Bruce
  10. Lovely set, great aircraft - two engines always better than one - I'm doing my tour in my favourite "fast" piston twin the PA31-310 - but I think your P38 might be a little faster than my Piper cruise of 180-200 Knots TAS depending on wind
  11. Another great set Gerold causing my note book to now be on page 5 - what this set really brought to mind for me was what I'm starting to see, as I slowly make my way up the east coast, is fairly large areas of high density population followed by vary large areas of almost nothing except either sand, bush, mountains, lakes and quite dazzling POIs! Godd luck with the cold beer
  12. Very realistic and excellent captures
  13. Might be too high mate but still looks pretty good
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