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  1. Very nice OLC scenery as always, great 'plane - glad you avoided any SAMs on the way
  2. C185 - gained an endorsement on this one - a handful in proximity to the ground when empty but massive load and STOL capability PA32-300R Cherokee 6 - owned and operated for few years - mine was a special build heavy lifter and again great STOL capability - beautiful reliable and stable aircraft Pilatus Porter - many great PAX hours in TPNG with a few illegal right hand seat hours DHC-6 Twotter - took me into many remote TPNG strips that most RPT aircraft would not handle - noisy but comfortable for shortish flights - great lifter B200 King AIr - PAX hours in Military and R
  3. Missed this one yesterday - I was amazed by the beauty of this area which I had only seen before as a blur from out to sea - great shots of great OLC - and yes your aircraft here is faster than my Navajo .
  4. Another lovely set - I really love the variety of RW African weather in the sim and the many different cloud formations it engenders with a good weather/texture program. That pub definitely requires an expert eggbeater operator!
  5. Very nice indeed it took me ages to get there in my Navajo. There are nice freeware sceneries for the African airports (inc FALE) that complement the Orbx OLC very well in most cases but it does slow down the ability to explore this huge country with the need to install, load, run Vector and modify if required.
  6. Great shots, great scenery, great paints - one of my nephews is a Captain (nearing mandatory retirement) with JetStar and he loves them, more than QANTAS and Ansett before them - although he does miss the fringe benefits Ansett used to have for their flight crews
  7. WOW! I went up the Eastern side first and am still working my way across the centre - so I have the incentive from your post to work my way down the Western side - thank you!
  8. Now that was a great set of YBBN but the last shots definitely win the Easter Egg
  9. Outstanding shots that show the excellence of this scenery - and , as always, I admire your eggbeater skills
  10. E E E for all the above reasons - a chauffeur would be of assistance these days
  11. WOW what contrasts - particularly the aircraft - had to put my sunnies on
  12. Nice change of aircraft bet you watching engine temps during that flight!
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