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  1. Many happy returns Misha!
  2. TerribleT

    6 from the Gold Coast.

    Great shots - nice to see another Aztec fan
  3. TerribleT

    Glorious Brisbane

    Wow great shot - can just about see our house on the extreme right where the shoreline meets the edge of the picture - and you're spot on about the great sunsets we're getting at the moment - missus and I sit and watch it every arvo with a "sundowner" or 2
  4. - Blending of the airport photoreal into the surrounding terrain - Moving traffic on roads, properly aligned to the photoreal ground terrain - 3D light poles along roads and in urban/township streets and around the airport - The FTX Central application, which is used to launch all the Orbx tools and also switch FTX off From the AYPY manual
  5. TerribleT

    Advantages of being old

    I find now that when I misbehave, am outrageous, raucous or loud, people find it amusing, even admirable! If I did those things when I was young it was normally followed by some sort of castigation or threats of incarceration LOL.
  6. TerribleT

    The Old Coots Club

    77 next September ..... only feel like 76 'tho ....
  7. +1 If FSS has it I buy it - thank you Adrian for many years of excellent service
  8. FSX bought when it came out, installed and uninstalled on the same day as it brought my PC-of-the-day to it's knees! 2 years later after PC upgrade FSX installed and faithful FS9 never really got a look-in afterwards, especially following ORBX/FTX/OZx. How far FSX has come for such outdated and unfinished software - congrats to all developers everywhere!
  9. TerribleT

    OzX makeover of Townsville

    My files for YBTL in the OZx scenery folder are by "bungo" and "rjn" dated 2008, so probably from earlier versions of OZx consolidated and improved as Scott has outlined above. Also recommend a complete install OZx - you won't be disappointed in the land of OZ with both ORBX and OZx installed.
  10. Grand gesture ORBX mob, bought all three even 'tho I don't sim much in the area. Glad I did, what beautiful work by such a talented person and what a loss to the sim community. Vale.
  11. TerribleT

    Mission to a mission.

    Excellent series - congrats!
  12. Correct Tim - most aircraft are configured for landing prior to Kagi departure - just trim adjustments and it's throttle off after takeoff for landing at Efogi! Time varies according to the Aircraft and loading - heavier descends quicker - try it in the sim with a good load on board but watch the W&B from a stall aspect.
  13. TerribleT

    DO 228 Myola Takeoff

    More top darts!!
  14. TerribleT

    DO 228 Myola Landing

    Top darts!
  15. PNG Kagi to Efogi is what you're looking for - shortest RPT scheduled flight for many years distance wise.