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  1. As seen here you can only choose ILS 26L. There are 3 other runways that have ILS. If this is not fixed I don't dare to buy another Gaya scenery.
  2. There is only ILS for rwy 26L when making flightplans in sim and in A320 MCDU. The other 3 runways are missing their ILS.
  3. After the last ESSA update the config is not working correct. Airport detail works ok but Grass/Airside/Texture boxes are empty and you tick an option and save Changes but when you come back they are empty again. It worked perfect prior to this update. F.e I tick grass default seasons but still have no grass at ESSA.
  4. Just do a full uninstall/reinstall. https://dovetailgames.kayako.com/knowledgebase/article/View/78/0/how-do-i-reinstall-microsoft-flight-simulator-x-steam-edition
  5. Is Objectflow.dll needed for FSX/FSXSE? The new FSXSE beta dont want it and suggests to uninstall it. And where can I find it?
  6. Ok thanks for the info. So I installed Central 4.0.13 and let it uninstall FTX central3 and everything is ok now without me doing any editing of scenery.cfg. No more blank entries and insertion points stay where I put them, great
  7. Is the 99 blank entries solved in 4.0.13 then or how do you solve it? But this problem is becoming less important as it looks like Orbx aint developing for FSX/FSXSE anymore and as long as we can use FTX central.
  8. I have uninstalled Central in Controlpanel but there is loads of it left under ….appdata\roaming and local. Just sayin. It doesn't seems to have any effect when in FTX Central3.
  9. @capt sl. You will find the scenery.cfg here: Windows (C:)\Programdata\Microsoft\FSX
  10. Central 4.0.10. Installed it and then went to FSXSE scenery library. Everything looked fine just as with FTX Central3 (which I let Central uninstall). Then back to Central and installed the Global Base update and also updated SODE from 1.6.3 to 1.6.4. To scenery library again and now a few entries had been moved especially Orbx LC entries jumped up to below Orbx libraries and Orbx Airports but I want it below a non Orbx regional addon and UTX. Rearranged scenery library the way it was in FTX Central3 and back to central where everything looked ok, LC below UTX in Insertion points. Back to scen
  11. More info. I dont use any scenery editor but at one time I installed Scenery Config Editor, never used it and then uninstalled it. I also have Make Runways which I use for Pro-atc/x.
  12. And another thing. I also have FTX Trees HD as a DLC from Steam.
  13. One more thing. The blank entries were copies of all the Base entries up to 1107 plus one addon TimeZoneFixer from Simelite Solutions.
  14. I am sorry but I have already gone back to FTxCentral3 again and uninstalled Orbx Central. Also fixed scenery.cfg with a copy I saved from previous time in FTXCentral3. Maybe I go back to Central again later to do what you suggest if you think it can help. But now I can only give you the 2 scenery.cfg files I have now which work flawlessly. scenery.cfg Scenery.CFG
  15. Operating system: Windows 10 1903 Simulator: FSX:SE Screenshot: Issue: Central 4.0.6. Same issue as before. Get blank entries in scenery library after new central install. Insertion point dont work correctly also as before. central.log
  16. @doeke. Do this before you install FSX:SE again to get rid of all possible problems. Then you should not need to change scenery.cfg if you use Ftx central 3. https://dovetailgames.kayako.com/knowledgebase/article/View/78/0/how-do-i-reinstall-microsoft-flight-simulator-x-steam-edition
  17. You dont have to quit. Uninstall orbx central in controlpanel and install Ftx Central 3 found for example in the "Go back to ftx central 3" thread. Use the scenery.cfg Nick fixed for you. Then everything should be fine.
  18. @Nick. Seems ok now, what a relief! Many thanks for what you did with my scenery.cfg. I think the blank entries appeared when I did the Insertion Point in new Central. I will stay in Central3 for now.
  19. To make it easier I will delete all blank entries that can be deleted and come back with a new scenery.cfg.
  20. I had no blank entries in central3 so if I do this while I'm in Central3 I'm sure it will be ok. Blank entries problem came with new Central. You know my 300+ addons are all sorts free and pay (most) gathered through the years with many updates added found on different sources and some probably gone. As for my scenery.cfg I've deleted some blank entries but some were not possible to delete so I gave up. Here's how it stand at the moment. Scenery.CFG
  21. Thanks but what will happen to the more then 300 addons I have installed. Finding and reinstalling them would take forever.
  22. I uninstalled Central and reinstalled Central3 but the blank entries wont disappear. Found out they are the base entries so now I have 4 copies of them spread around the scenery library. It's a mess.
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