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  1. Is Objectflow.dll needed for FSX/FSXSE? The new FSXSE beta dont want it and suggests to uninstall it. And where can I find it?
  2. I´m running FSX:SE in 1024 resolution with loads of intensive addons but have managed to stay just inside the 4096 VAS limit so far. Would be great with a 1024 or at least 2048 option.
  3. What about the VAS effect on FSX/FSXSE with 4096 textures? My experience is that 4096 textures could affect Vas even if you run the Sim in 1024.
  4. Jetways was ok in DX9 but the lightpoles were still dark. They were shining in the previous version of ESSA in DX10. If you have tried DX10 with the fixer once you will never go back to DX9 because it's such a massive improvement. Here's something I found in DX10 manual dont know if it means anything here.
  5. This is how the jetways look at night is it right? At day they are fine. And theres no light from the big lightpoles, the small lightpoles at roads etc. are fine. FSX:SE/Steve's DX10 fixer
  6. Everything got solved, looks fantastic now! Thank you.
  7. After the new update I get double jetways but SODE works. Also double Aircraft at some spots, have MT6, and static Aircraft not ticked in ESSA configurator. And there's heavy flickering on buildings. I use FSX:SE/Steve's DX10 fixer.
  8. Ok I looked at the text in both and the objectflow are in both (Its the only entry in FSX:SE) and look similar so I am not touching anything. I have found another way to get the buildings back and that is to make your flightplan start FSX:SE, close it again and relaunch FSX:SE with same flightplan and now the buildings are there.
  9. How do I do that? Tried with right-click copy on ObjectFlow.dll but there is no paste when right-clicking on FSX dll.xml
  10. Ok done it all. When opening FTXcentral nothing new happened but it reads FSX in upper left corner. Then I ran moduleinstaller but it still Went to FSX_SE so I looked in ….roaming\Microsoft and both dll.xml read changed 2 minutes apart at my local time. Thats it. Will see what happens.
  11. There is no tweak registry utility to download only FS registry utility or TweakFS zip utility.
  12. Only FSX:SE. I started my simcareer in it so I have never owned FSX but at C:\users\me\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\ both have entries where almost everything seems to go into the FSX one.
  13. Ok done. I will report back after a flight to one of the 3 Airports, probably tomorrow.
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