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  1. I´m running FSX:SE in 1024 resolution with loads of intensive addons but have managed to stay just inside the 4096 VAS limit so far. Would be great with a 1024 or at least 2048 option.
  2. What about the VAS effect on FSX/FSXSE with 4096 textures? My experience is that 4096 textures could affect Vas even if you run the Sim in 1024.
  3. What a terrible thread. Full of people NOT using FSX or P3Dv.3 trying to force us off our fully working Sims.
  4. Add what Airports? Of the 5 most important international Airports in Sweden only Stockholm Arlanda has been done to a high standard by developers. Gothenburg Landvetter, Malmö Sturup, Stockholm Bromma and Stockholm Skavsta have some half descent pw versions or no pw version at all. An update for ESGG looks promising but thats about it. For Norway and Denmark there are loads of good payware Airports.
  5. Hi John. Dont know where you got it from but on RbDesign theres a couple of updates that expand it. Although just in my opinion theres a landclass file called Lc_5210_Test.bgl which isnt good enough for the Stockholm area so I added .off at the end of that. Stockholm is my hometown.
  6. Kiruna, Sundsvall and also Eskilstuna is part of ORBX freeware EU Airport pack and the first two are very good. But I agree that Sweden has mostly been neglected by developers, no region, no city and very few Airports. Stockholm is basically not very good in FSX/P3D, it should be done. Or at least Bromma with part of the city. Please keep your language polite. (Nick)
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