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  1. Let's face it, we are all a bunch of Old Coots trying to enjoy our last ride down the slide of life.
  2. I turn 84 next month and I feel it. My mother told me that only the good die young and that we come from a family that has a habit of living into their late 90's. She wasn't at all happy when I asked her if we were a family of outlaws.
  3. I found that it was like living at twilight before the operation, and living in full sunlight afterwards. I ended up with 20/40 vision and passed my driving test without glasses. Money well spent.
  4. Roll Call ! Just checking to see how many of the Old Coots are still left. Gypsy -- HERE
  5. I too have gone over to MSFS just for the scenery and land use accuracy. If this had been available when I first got serious about simming I would be around 4K richer now. I switched to XP-11 and still use it because I want to become a helicopter pilot. (never, never go for a copter flight with me.). XP11 has great photo real scenery but you need a server bank to store it. MSFS stores the scenery in the Cloud which works just fine for me tooling around at 100kts. I love it when the land out the window looks like the real thing. Gypsy.
  6. Yep, the same here. My Son has me on house arrest, can't roam around like I used to do. So far we have been healthy so I don't rock the boat.
  7. Yep, time just flew by . Yesterday my youngest Granddaughter turned 36. I just looked up the Golden Gate Bridge and yes, I am older by 2 years. We are all a gaggle of Old Coots and I am glad to be here. Gypsy
  8. Well the Magnolia's are still here but we ate all of the Possum's. Ain't Earworms so much fun. Enjoy your winter. Gypsy
  9. Good news is always welcome. Glad to hear from you Teecee Gypsy
  10. I think that we should start a pinned group to memorialize those of us who, like Neil Hil, have "Flown West". Creating this list will not be easy because we are scattered around the earth, and many of us only have an on-line and not an in person relationship with each other. Over the years I have come to value each of you even though the only thing we have in common is a shared hobby and some life experiences. I only know you from this site and worry when the postings stop. It would help to know if one of my on-line friends has passed on. It sho
  11. I am 83, and like the rest of you I am falling apart. It used to be only one thing at a time, but alas, my body has learned to multi-task. The constant pain these ailments cause has increased and the level goes up with each failure. My brain, hearing, and eyesight, not wanting to be left out, are going along with the general plan. Other than that I seen to be doing OK. My (insert your favorite curse words here) doctor told me that I should last at least another 20 years. I know that he is a wise man because he stayed out of punch in the nose range
  12. Boris Johnson was released from the hospital today. Brexit Lives!!! All the press will talk about is how many people died. Here in the States they never mention that 7 out of every 10 people that are hospitalized live and go home.
  13. I was told by my doctor when I turned 80 that those were the two main factors in deciding weather or not I would be treated if I came down with a serious illness. Oh well, I guess it's all part of entering our last decade.
  14. You hang in there Teecee. We will all say a prayer for you. Dale
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