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  1. Yep, time just flew by . Yesterday my youngest Granddaughter turned 36. I just looked up the Golden Gate Bridge and yes, I am older by 2 years. We are all a gaggle of Old Coots and I am glad to be here. Gypsy
  2. Well the Magnolia's are still here but we ate all of the Possum's. Ain't Earworms so much fun. Enjoy your winter. Gypsy
  3. Good news is always welcome. Glad to hear from you Teecee Gypsy
  4. I think that we should start a pinned group to memorialize those of us who, like Neil Hil, have "Flown West". Creating this list will not be easy because we are scattered around the earth, and many of us only have an on-line and not an in person relationship with each other. Over the years I have come to value each of you even though the only thing we have in common is a shared hobby and some life experiences. I only know you from this site and worry when the postings stop. It would help to know if one of my on-line friends has passed on. It should start with a posting on the Old Coots Club asking "Has anybody heard from?" And if their passing is confirmed their name should be posted to the group in all caps with a short obituary. Each posting would be a separate topic left open for additions or revisions. ------------------------------------------------------------------ FLOWN WEST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN ------------------------------------------------------------------ JOHNNY SKYPILOT Flew west on 20XX postings by anyone who wants to say something about him. If you agree with this idea please add your name to the request and maybe it will become a reality. Thanks, Gypsy
  5. I am 83, and like the rest of you I am falling apart. It used to be only one thing at a time, but alas, my body has learned to multi-task. The constant pain these ailments cause has increased and the level goes up with each failure. My brain, hearing, and eyesight, not wanting to be left out, are going along with the general plan. Other than that I seen to be doing OK. My (insert your favorite curse words here) doctor told me that I should last at least another 20 years. I know that he is a wise man because he stayed out of punch in the nose range as he gave me the good news. I feel that the good get to die young so that they can avoid these wonderful 70 plus years, and me as a reward for my pre 50 behavior, the Good Lord decided that I should be rewarded with the life span that I deserve. I should have listened to my Mama. Gypsy
  6. Boris Johnson was released from the hospital today. Brexit Lives!!! All the press will talk about is how many people died. Here in the States they never mention that 7 out of every 10 people that are hospitalized live and go home.
  7. I was told by my doctor when I turned 80 that those were the two main factors in deciding weather or not I would be treated if I came down with a serious illness. Oh well, I guess it's all part of entering our last decade.
  8. You hang in there Teecee. We will all say a prayer for you. Dale
  9. I went to the VA Clinic yesterday and they had a welcoming committee taking temperatures and giving us a quick look see before we were allowed to enter the building. I was told by my Doctor that my neck is beyond repair and sorry but I have no choice but to learn to live with the pain or become a junkie. After reading the previous post I am doing better than a lot of you Old Coots. I just turned 83 and now that I have my blood sugar under control (it was 575) I feel well enough to fly again. Sore finger tips is a small price to pay for wellness. Dropping over 40 lbs off of my belly didn't hurt either. Anyway the Doctor told me to stay home and away from people. My Son took his advice and has me confined to the house by blocking in my car. Y'all stay healthy and enjoy your confinement. Have you tried landing on a mountain top like Trent Palmer and the Cowboys do? It can get your blood pumping. Dale
  10. This scenery being released for P3d v4 is some of the best news I have in years. My move to X Plane to obtain the True Earth Scenery has resulted in a minor depression because of having to turn my back on all of the dollar investment in ORBX scenery I own. JV's statement that he is going port True Earth to P3d is like warm, golden Sunrise after a long winter's night.
  11. I suffered with a chronic cough for years that was caused by a mild post nasal drip which happened mostly at night during sleep. [ of course smoking 1+ pack of cigs a day for over 42 years had nothing to do with the cough, my COPD, well maybe. ] I finally got rid of mine several years ago using Flonase backed up with Vicks Vapo Rub. Dale
  12. The only real advantage is that the flight dynamics are better.
  13. Well it's September now and I feel like my life is in late November. I am switching over to X-Plane and it is keeping me busy learning how to use it. ORBX TE Washington was the clincher for me. I have always done the majority of my flying there anyway. Austin has just released a major update to the flight physics so the flight realism is better than everything else out there. I haven't purchased TE Oregon yet because I am going to install dedicated storage for X-Plane and the scenery. I am looking at a fast 4TB drive. I figure that I will just start X-Plane, go to lunch,. and it should be ready to fly by the time I get bask. I remember using the same teunique when I had to do a large data base sort back in the floppy disk only days. I will try to be more active on the forum. Dale
  14. I am not ORBX, just a long time ORBX user who loves to fly Bush and Float Planes in Washington State so I feel that I am qualified to make this comparison. Two mornings ago at 10:15 I started the download and install process for TE Washington on my mid range computer. I always download with a backup and file verification. My download speed averaged around 2.5 Mbs and the whole process took over 10 hours to complete. Was tying up my computer for that long worth it? Hell yes it was. This is the most beautiful scenery that I have ever flown and my frame rates improved over P3ds' While flying down the North Shore of Orcas Island I saw beaches, piers, and other structures that I have never seen before. I added Darrington, Anacortes, and Pearson Field to the mix and they were all breathtaking compared to P3d. I know that ORBX is going to continue to pick my pocket as they release the rest of their titles for the area, something that has been happening ever since I first downloaded and installed 3W5 Concrete in 2009 and discovered how good FSX could look. Oh well, at least I get a hefty discount because I own all of the NA titles. It will help to pay for that Super Sized drive I will need to store them.
  15. Is anyone working on Freeware Airports for TE Washington? Is it possible to do small improvements to the many XP11 default airports, and if so, a link to instructions will be appreciated. For me it was all of those Freeware Airports that set the ORBX NA World above every other flight sim product until TE Washington. Can I build my own? Can Qrtho4XP be used with TE Washington scenery? Inquiring minds want to know Dale
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