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  1. Hello, Thanks for reporting this, I've noted it for our team to investigate
  2. Hello, In your Orbx Central settings under Downloader, what do you have the conversion limit set to?
  3. This was due to an error on our end, should be fixed now
  4. If you scroll down on the TrueEarth Florida pages, you'll see the minimum system requirements. For example, this is for TrueEarth Florida HD: If you wish to have more advice about this, I'd recommend posting in the X-Plane 11 Support Forum. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/260-x-plane-11-support-forum/ Yes. Orbx Central is designed to be completely automated. You should just need to press Install and once it completes, be able to go flying. Yes. Orbx Central can also uninstall TrueEarth easily.
  5. Hello, It appears you don't have sufficient disk space:
  6. Hello, What do you mean by flag new arrivals? All P3Dv5 compatible products will be shown when you have P3Dv5 selected in Central. If new products are made available, Orbx Central currently does not have a notification for this.
  7. Hello, What do you mean by manually install? The only way to install Orbx products is via Orbx Central.
  8. Hello, This is generally caused by a corrupt install of Orbx Central. Uninstall Orbx Central from 'Add or remove programs' on your computer, and then make sure that the following folder has been removed from your computer: C:\Users\wilhe\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central If it still exists, remove it. You can then try to download the installer again from https://Orbx.to/central and then install Orbx Central again.
  9. Hello, Please try to update it again, and then attach your Central log file.
  10. Hello, Can you please attach your Central log file?
  11. Hello, Can you try going to Settings, Help and press 'Sync Simulator'? It will try to link everything back up correctly.
  12. Hello, If you go to //42 ChasePlane in Orbx Central, do you see the following options? If so, can you try pressing Launch?
  13. Hello, I don't believe it means anything in particular. Those buttons are generated by PayPal, so we have no control or insight into how they are styled.
  14. Thanks for letting me know it worked. We've just released Global Vector 1.6.4 which includes the updated config tool.
  15. Hi all, Can you try the following: Download this build of the Vector Config Tool Go to your <Global Vector Install Directory>\Orbx\FTX_VECTOR\ folder and overwrite FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.exe with the build you just downloaded. Launch it and try to run the auto-configuration. If it works correctly, we'll package it into an update of Vector
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