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  1. Got it, thanks Ben btw I see a bunch of old installs not relevant anymore are listed in there, ok to delete them?
  2. Hello All, I have an 11.41 X-plane install and also an 11.50b9 X-plane install. Central (latest version) is installing scenery into the old 11.41 folder. Is there a way to point Central to the new 11.50 folder for new scenery installs? Thanks for any help Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  3. To be transparent I'm posting a copy of what I said here back to the X-Plane forum you responded in. Thanks gents, unfortunately the file structure is different (I'll take responsibility for this current issue because I moved the files manually, so I created this problem) so I guess cannot use that method Nick. In response to your comments, yes I posted somewhat negatively here and other forums as others have, why? Because Orbx is payware and is a product that through all it's versions from release had never actually worked ONCE for me since its inception. Tested
  4. Hello Nick.. no they were installed to an Orbx Central Library on a different drive.
  5. More info re this issue: I have removed and reinstalled Central to see if it would pickup the new locations of these two sceneries but it did not. The original scenery locations have been deleted so I cannot go back, I was thinking Orbx Central would simply read the scenery_pack .ini file to get it's locations, but I guess that's not the case.. I also tried the "Sync Simulator" setting in Central which ran successfully but did not change anything. I suppose I could delete all the files then reinstall them using Orbx Central to the new SSD drive, but for gosh sakes tha
  6. I moved (not migrated via Central) my Orbx Washington and Nor Cal scenery to a new SSD drive, setup symbolic links and updated X-Plane. The scenery displays correctly in X-Plane but Orbx Central does not see those two products as being installed - how can I update Central to see the new locations? Perhaps just removing and re-installing Central? log attached. Thank you Operating system: W10 Simulator: Xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  7. Yes I have the requirements Josh. I'm installing a new Windows 10 PC this week, I'll try it on that and hopefully Central will work. Sadly to date it has never worked for me, no matter what I've tried. Fingers crossed..
  8. It appears as if Central 4.0.20 is succesfully downloading GB North scenery (24gb) but not expanding to the full 140gb or so. Log file attached (zipped as it's pretty big) I have gone thru the Central requirements and installed the additional software required. No anti-virus installed Any suggestions please? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.zip
  9. Thanks John... so I could fill in these 2 x tiles with Orth4XP I guess?
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