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  1. ORDERS FSS0442356, FSS0443036 Following instillation of BASE and VECTOR an inspection of ORBX Oceania AU Airports revealed that YMML is sunk below the main runway and taxi paths. See picture below. This prevents the use of YMML for arrivals and departures of a dozen or so of other functional airports. How can this be changed to align the airport with its runways and taxis.
  2. Orders FSS0442356, FSS0443036 Kamakaze Hi, After installation a check of AU ORBX Oceania airfields revealed a problem with YMML in that the airfield buildings and taxiways are lower that the main runway which lies above. Attached is a photo of the SINK. This interrupts the flights to/from some 10 FSX airports. Would appreciate a solution
  3. Thanks for that...the ADE parking list confirms that the VOZ gates 39-48 incl are all classified as RAMP_GA_MEDIUM and the only gate at the domestic terminal large enought is 24 in the QFA area...so I'll have to live with that. Regards
  4. Thanks. Whilst I was aware that the A330 was for longer hauls I did not realise it was restricted to the YSSY and YPPH route...so I'll now stick to that. Regards
  5. Thanks but I have already attempted that with ADE. Can you tell me which *bgl in the FTX:YBBN folder I should try and access with ADE??? Regards
  6. Sorry I was of the view that FTX:YBBN is essentially an ORBX scenery product. The airport.bgls et al contain gate allocation detail which atc needs, along with the aircraft.cfg info, to calculate the correct parking for the aircraft. Since I can not access the appropriate airport.bgl file, as I can for stock airports, I thought the airport designers could list the gate classifications and airline codes assigned in the parking design so that I could make the correct entries in the aircraft.cfg. However, if this is not possible then I'll avoid YBBN with the Airbus 330-200 Thanks Kamakaze
  7. I have had no problem to date with a range of aircraft that on landing at YBBN act allocates me to a correct gate eg the B738 (GATE_MEDIUM...VOZ) goes to the domestic gates allotted to VOZ and QFA & JST go to theirs. However, my recent addition of Airbus 332 in Virgin Austalia liveries (GATE_HEAVY...VOZ) is always allocated to GATE 24 which is medium in the QFA domestic area. I would welcome a suggest fix for the aircraft config file to be allocated a more appropriate park
  8. Relative Newcomer to the scenery world. I have just received my DVD. FSX Accelerator is installed on Satellite Pro Core i5 ATI IGB RAM 4GB. I have already Installed scenery Australia_Mesh_FSX, VSX Roads,Scenery,Libraries,Landclass along with othe FSX airports I assume that I will have to uninstall these VOZ products and install FXTAA Holgermesh and then FTX Australia SP3 in accord with DVD instructions?? Is this correct??
  9. Just transferring FSX Acceleration from XP Pro Desktop to Toshiba Satellite L550 Pro and wish to install AU Mesh that I have down loaded. Any hints on how to install in scenery would be gratefully received. Kamakaze
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