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  1. 2 hours ago, Sonosusto said:

    Thank you for the update. I have turned KBUR off and uninstalled it completely and the issue went away, just an FYI. I tried it again with zero traffic, parked cars, planes, AI and clear skies and the FPS drop persisted.

    Hi, we are doing some test.

    meanwhile, just for testing purpose, i suggest to try to set render scaling = 100, terrain level of detail = 100 ( or less ).  I saw terrain level of detail can lower the fps a lot if set to high.



  2. Hi all,


    We are doing some test. What i can say at my end i noticed the drop of the fps to about 12 just 1 time ( while i was playing with the setting and it lasted just a few seconds). Anyway i want to say NOT ALL people are experiencing this issue. For the people that are having the problem i suggest to try to disable the photogrammetry set render scaling to 100 and level of details to 100 and see if the problem persist. 


    Thank you

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Wise87 said:

    He's a friend of Orbx and I'm sure he will pass on that information. It was at the 1hr 5min mark of today's stream. Again I have it in P3D and it's incredible and runs great at 4K on my system. I'll just have to wait until I get a 30 series card to enjoy it. I'm already at high/med 100/100 and I'm not going to turn it down any further just to get KBUR working when all other Orbx scenery work silky 

    4k for a 1080 with setting to high at kbur ( heavy area with photogrammetry is too much). Try fhd or 2k and let me know.



  4. 2 minutes ago, Wise87 said:

    I watched Chewwy94 streams today and while he was on approach to KBUR when his 2080ti/9900K tanked to 15FPS on approach. It wasn't until he restarted the sim that his FPS picked back up. He's been showing casing MSFS2020 for several weeks and this was the first time I seen his system have a hard time with any scenery. 

    I do not know his setting, i do not have 15fps at my end at all.



  5. Just now, Norman Blackburn said:


    To clarify Mateo, 10fps is normal?


    Ive an i7 10700 otherwise the same as you.  So the question is simple.  How are you getting 40fps compared to my 10?  

    I have already answered to this question, i suggested to you the setting to use.


    Just a stupid example, with my rig if i set render scaling to 200 i have 1-2fps.

    being a new sim you have to find the most suitable setting for your pc



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  6. 7 minutes ago, KVSandleben said:

    I can confirm that Burbank is extremely heavy on the GPU. I fly in 1080p with a 1660TI on a Ryzen 7 3700x.I flew from Santa Barbara towards it and everything was fine until about 2 miles on final. Then the frames dropped massively. I have been using the latest NVIDIA driver from the start, and all other areas I flew in so far, no matter how dense, nothing was taxing on my system.

    Well except for Gayasim's Kos. That as well gives me considerable performance problems.

    Probably could be because there is pbr textures.

     Play with setting to find the best for you.



  7. 27 minutes ago, Casebug said:

    I recently purchased Burbank airport from Orbx…

    Starts out smooth and then after several minutes taxiing the sim gets extremely choppy and unplayable. Its my first add-on. Before this high frame rates and no issue with the sim… very strange. Also do not see any vehicle traffic or generic MSFS workers that are animated move at Burbank. Anyone else have these issues with the Burbank add-on. I have latest drivers etc. Something is really wrong with the add-on.
    i9 9800K/32 Ram/2080ti


    I had the same with the old gpu drivers. Make sure to have the fs2020 driver installed, at my end this has resolved the issue.



  8. 43 minutes ago, Norman Blackburn said:



    Here we have Innsbruck, 10900, 2080ti and 32MB RAM.  No issues.  Doesn't matter where I go.  Even over London.

    Owning every Orbx addon for MSFS (aside from the slight blip that was London) I've been very happy.


    Even a trip to Heathrow is good.



    Imagine my dismay when loading up Bob Hope.

    Zero change to settings.  It matters not if I move there during a session or start afresh.




    This can not be normal.





    Hi, yes is normal. At kbur there is photogrammetry which can be heavy.

    I suggest to set render scaling to 100, level of detail to 100, lower the antialiasing and low the resolution maybe. Anyway you have to play with the setting. I have i7 8700k,32gbram,2080ti with latest fs2020 driver and all set to ultra with 4k i have 40+fps at kbur.



  9. 2 hours ago, Wise87 said:

    I'm on the latest driver and I already have render scaling and terrain level of detail set to 100. I even went down to 80. There is actually a great settings guide on the MSFS forums. For now I have uninstalled KBUR and I'll wait until I get a 3080 series card. KBUR pushed the 1080ti pretty hard compared to my LOWI or KDEN sceneries. I guess the min requirement will be a 2080ti. 

    you can use a lower resolution, for example FHD, it will goes very good.



  10. Hi,


    first of all, do you have the latest nvidia driver for mfs2020? i am not sure if is available also for 1080ti, but i have a 2080ti and with the latest driver i have improved a lot the fps.

    Anyway i suggest to play with the setting, for example make sure to have " render scaling " set to 100 and " terrain level of detail " to 100

    I have a i7 8700k,32gbram,2080ti it if i go up with those value my fps drops immediately. I hope this can help.



  11. On 8/8/2020 at 8:36 PM, nopatio said:

    OK, in the meantime I have made a new install of the whole P3D V4,5, just to be sure there were not any faulty scenery and reloaded the sim, but with the same result, no buildings.

    Scenery complexity set all the way to the rightKBUR.docx


    KBUR.docx 261.07 kB · 1 download


    Sorry i would like to see inside Orbx/kbur/scenery folder ( the one with all bgl files ) so i can check if you are missing something. Last thing, which version of p3d are you using? 



  12. 1 hour ago, nopatio said:


     I have now uninstalled and reinstalled KBUR scenery, as suggested, and it is still the same, no buildings. I have also tried to see, if I uninstalled KSJC would have any influence on KBUR, because installing KSJC, that was when it all started, but it was not the case, still no buildings in KBUR.

    ok, take a look at yout p3d setting. make sure to have scenery complexity set at least to normal. also could you please take a screen of your kbur/scenery folder? i want to check if you have all the files.



  13. 23 hours ago, Greg Jones said:

    I'm sure @Matteo Veneziani will be able to confirm, but the missing buildings look ones that would be placed by ObjectFlow. Perhaps that needs to be reinstalled?



    Hi Greg, no the buildings has not been placed with objectflow, but in the classic way :)


    3 hours ago, nopatio said:

    I have deleted, re-downloaded and re-installed ObjectFlow, but still no buildings.



    I suggest to try to uninstall and reinstall kbur scenery. At the moment i have no idea why you do not have buldings and also all the groundpoly.




  14. 20 minutes ago, medx421 said:

    Thanks for the update @Matteo Veneziani.  Things look so much improved if that were even possible.  Also, I didn't run into the elevation issues I did with the initial release.  Just out of curiosity, regarding VNY;  What happened to the NW hangars and buildings?  They were in there on initial release.  At least I thought they were.  Looking at the diagram and the screenshot, it looks like a whole new addition to the field.  Anyway, it doesn't hamper my enjoyment, and thank you again for the update.


    Hi, thanks. The new version of kvny and kwhp use the same version that you have with sca, this is why you do not have the new hangars. 

    Anyway in the control panle you can choose between 2 versions; the original kbur version ( which is updated to new airport layout ) or the older but more detailed sca version.



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  15. Hi


    I just want to clarify one thing. All the products has been tested from many people before the release and works without problems on an healthy system. All the problems i am seeing at kbur are due to some problems in p3d that are nor related to the scenery. For us it is not simple to determine the cause of your problems, we go for attemps and suggestions.


    From what i am seeing in this topic, the problem here is the airport is placed higher than normal. If the mesh are set to 5mt, if you do not have any other kbur scenery installed in an healty system all should works without problems, but it is not the case here.

    So i can suggest now to try to disable in p3d NALC ( which could cause the problem if is not installed correctly or maybe there are some edited/missing/wrong files ) and see if the problem is solved. If yes, uninstall NALC ->make sure to do not have any residual files of NALC ( if yes remove them ) and make a full new clean installation of NALC.

    last question do you have also Vector?


  16. 1 hour ago, dansandiego said:

    @carlosqr @Matteo Veneziani


    Compatibility was already set to SCA. I turned off dynamic trees and no change with my scenery issues.


    I decided to upgrade to Prepar3d v5, and everything is fixed! No change in the graphics settings or Orbx addons I have installed. It just magically works. And v5 has a fairly large performance improvement for me, so overall this was a good move.


    Thank you both for helping me out. Much appreciated! Have a fantastic weekend!

    I think probably you were having some issues in p3dv4 probably with sca ( is a common issues ) now with a full new clean installation everything is working right, nice :)



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  17. 45 minutes ago, gollum65 said:

    Sorry Nick, but that's not what I said, and not what happened.  What I said was that P3D wouldn't close until I ended task on SODE.  Since SODE is always running no matter where in the world I go, and the only time I have a problem with P3D not closing is when in I'm the Burbank scenery area, and ending task on SODE got P3D to close, the only conclusion is that Burbank is somehow causing SODE to hang P3D.


    At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated and I'd like to know how to request a refund.  I no longer have interest in dealing with this problem if Orbx and the developer aren't willing to even try to find out what;'s wrong.



    I think this is not right, i am trying to help you. I am saying sode does not have nothing to do with the scenery. The scenery is just 3dmodels with textures, it does not have sode or material script that could cause problems. I told you that the cause could be due to the heavy area, and try to reduce the setting to see if makes some differences. I can not do more than this, moreover this is the first case i hear a problem like this. 



  18. 18 minutes ago, gollum65 said:

    So some more info about this, and I hope it helps figure out the problem.  I went and created a settings profile with all my settings on the Display and World tabs set to their absolute lowest.  I then loaded up at KBUR on rwy 15 in the default F35 and exited P3D, but it still hung.  So I took a look at my system processes that were still running.  Besides P3D there wsa the Couatl engine, which I ended task on.  No change.  Then I found the SODE engine was still running and ended task on that, and about 10 seconds later P3D exited on it's own.  So I'd say you need to look at how the scenery interacts with SODE because it seems like that's what's causing it to hang.


    Hope that helps resolve it.

    Hi the scenery does not use sode at all.



  19. 29 minutes ago, AlanJ said:

    Thanks again for the replies, i am running P3Dv 4.5 and if you go into the addons i can enable/disable the scenery but not move it around! I did a reinstall (this time directly into the sim) but no change, i could move it up the scenery list but it was still the same, when i then restarted the sim it had been moved back down the order not that it made any difference as it's still the same! 


    do you have any other kbur scenery installed? are you running the latest p3dv4.5 version?

    Looks like the scenery is there and is working, but you have mesh issue at the airport ( the airport is higher than normal, so this is why you are not seeing the airport buildings which are under the terrain).


    could you also please take a screen of your p3d scenery library? so i can see if you have some mistakes.





  20. 3 hours ago, Aussieflyer38 said:

    Here is the latest after moving the scenery file to the top and verifying the files, resetting the mesh to 5.

















    looks like your problem is similar to this:


    maybe this can be a solution:


    it could be a symptom of  system/graphics card being overstressed. Turn down a bunch of settings (all the way down for testing purposes) - see if the geometry is still stuffed. If it's not (ie it's fixed), gradually just bring the settings back up until he finds a good balance. 

    In the LA metro area, big FPS killers will be: 
    - Shadow draw distance & quality (turn these down low or off in general)
    - AI traffic, especially if he's using an AI addon
    - Road traffic
    - Scenery draw distance (though it doesn't look like he has this set super high)
    - Reflections
    - Dynamic lighting


    if this is not working, maybe worth to try a re-install of P3D.




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  21. 8 hours ago, dansandiego said:



    On your first question, I had most of my Orbx scenery already downloaded so it was easy to install back to the simulator.


    Object Flow is installed. I did an uninstall/reinstall to see if that helps, but same issue.


    Nothing third party addons at all. Just vanilla P3D and Orbx software. Nothing else at all.


    Seems like a layering issue. I disabled all addons, except for Global Base Pack, Vector and OpenLC North America because they were not an option to disable. San Diego looked correct for mostly basic scenery and Vector roads looked good.


    Then I added back NA Southern California and it still looked correct, Vector roads were there and the Balboa Park bridge was there.


    Then I added back Orbx San Diego and it was a mess, the bridge had parts from the two sceneries combined, one being the black bridge and the other white. The black part is not even level, just parts of it sticking up. I took another screenshot to show you. Also you can see another bridge at the top of the pic, it doesn't quite connect to the road and looks awful. Vector roads are missing too. The whole city looks like this.


    I also tried uninstalling OpenLC NA, Vector, NA Southern California, and San Diego. Then installed it all back, still looks the same.


    in Orbx Central, I've run the Vector airport elevation tool, Sync Simulator, and re-applied the insertion points. Nothing seems to fix this.


    Set compatibility mode to SCA in the control panel, also turn off dynamic trees.



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  22. 2 hours ago, AlanJ said:

    Thanks for the reply, Objectflow is installed and i have verified the files, also verified my other LC scenery and the Libraries still no change!



    Looks like you have mesh problem. Make sure to have kbur scenery on top of other sceneries in the scenery library, also make sure to do not have any other kbur installed. 



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