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  1. Hi all, Please make sure to have these files turned to .OFF ( ill investigate why the control panel seems to not working in p3dv5 which is very weird ) NA Southern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY\scenery ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN.BGL.OFF ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN_CVX.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_objects_KSAN_PLC.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_library_SanDiego_29Palms.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD-df.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_objects_bridge_Coronado.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_PR_objects_SanDiego.BGL.OFF NA Southern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA06_CVX\scenery 2_orthoimage_CA_USGS2012_SanDiego-Center_LOD4-16.BGL.OFF 2_orthoimage_CA_USGS2012_SanDiego-North_LOD4-16.BGL.OFF 2_orthoimage_CA_USGS2012_SanDiego-South_LOD4-16.BGL.OFF Anyway now the fastes solution is to manually write .OFF after each of the above files. Regards,
  2. Hi, I have fixed the runway sign error. If you want to fix now the sign runway error i have attached the files, one for FSX user and the other for P3D user. Copy and paste " GP_tutto_unito.bgl " inside your YBGC/SCENERY FOLDER FSX USERS: GP_tutto_unito.bgl P3D USERS: GP_tutto_unito.BGL regards,
  3. Hi, thanks for your good wishes. Anyway, it is weird with the correct option selected in the cp you still have double buildings, this may occur if you have manually modified some files inside SCA folder. To solve the issue, i suggest to go inside sca folder and check if these files are set to .off ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN.BGL.OFF ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN_CVX.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_objects_KSAN_PLC.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_library_SanDiego_29Palms.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD-df.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_POI_objects_bridge_Coronado.BGL.OFF FTX_SCA_PR_objects_SanDiego.BGL.OFF 2_orthoimage_CA_USGS2012_SanDiego-Center_LOD4-16.BGL.OFF 2_orthoimage_CA_USGS2012_SanDiego-North_LOD4-16.BGL.OFF 2_orthoimage_CA_USGS2012_SanDiego-South_LOD4-16.BGL.OFF if one/all of these are not set to .off manually write .OFF after BGL.
  4. Hi, the problem of double buildings and objects is due to the fact you have to set the correct compatibility mode inside KSAN control panel.
  5. Hi, You have to set the compatibility mode in the control panel. If you have SCA + KSAN set control panel to " SCA COMPATIBILITY MODE ". Do not change, rename etc any files or the control panel will not work. If you have renamed or moved some files, I highly recommend bringing everything to its original state.
  6. Hi, yes probably you have also some mistakes inside Orbx california folder, you can do as Nick suggested, or make a full uninstall and reinstall of Orbx SCA. cheers,
  7. Hi Joshua, ok, so I think i can not do much sorry, if you airplane is docking fine is not a problem due to the position of the parking. I suggest to ask to someone more expert than me with AI traffic. Cheers,
  8. Hi, I think you have some mistakes inside ksan/scenery folder. I suggest to completely uninstall the scenery, make sure to dont have any residual ksan files/folder in p3d and make a full new clean installation. Cheers
  9. I started developing the airport in September 2018. At that time the work had started and should have been completed before the scenary was released. So it would have been a mistake not to include enlargement. releasing a new scenary that would not have been updated at present would have been a serious mistake. this would have resulted in a very important update to be made shortly. it would have been different if I had included a hypothetical enlargement that they should have done. in my case everything was already approved and was in progress. I do not have more to say. Regards
  10. Yes the runway and the taxiway are already how will be in the future, based on documents I've seen, nothing is invented.
  11. I agree with you, but consider that when I started designing the airport the work had already started and then stopped, no one could know that they were stuck for so long. However, various things are already be changed at the real airport, like the route of the road that passes near the runway, this changes are already in the scenery. Without a doubt I would have preferred to not do this expansion, it was not easy at all understand how the runway would change, but surely if I hadn't done it probably a lot of people would have complained and besides I would have had to update the scenery shortly since the works were in course.
  12. Hi Joshua no problem are the gates always the same that are not docking with ai airplanes? The afcad file can be tweaked, but i can only move the start position of the airplanes for every single gates. The problem is this, if you try a gate with your airplane and if you try to use sode jetway and you dont have any errors and the jetway is working fine I have nothing to change in the position of the airplane at the gate, so also AI should work ( i think ). I am not expert in the working logic of AI airplanes, therefore I cannot with absolute certainty say if there are other reasons why the AI airplanes are not docking at all gates. In my opinion maybe you could have more good response if you try to ask to UTlive forum, maybe some people more expert than me could give you a better answer. Anyway you could try a gate that is not working with AI to see if works fine with your airplane. Let me know, thanks.
  13. Hi, the length of the runway has been increased to 2800mt because the current runway of the airport will be extended to 2800mt also with a new taxiway. official sources spoke of the start of work in 2019 but at present it is still all stopped.
  14. Depends if you are using the version with static airplanes or not. If you are using static airplanes the file is called " KSAN_V2_STATIC_AIRCRAFTS_ADEX_ADE.BGL" if you are not using the static aircraft the afcad active is " KSAN_V2_ADEX_ADE.BGL "
  15. I'm not very expert with AI TRAFFIC i don't use it, so i'm not able to say much, but in my opinion could be an afcad problem. If the afcad is not the same used from KSAN scenery the airplanes could be parked a little bit to far or to close to the jetway so " out of the jetway range " this could prevent the correct jetway operation, in particular in KSAN was not very simple to find all the correct position in the afcad to have the jetway to work. So make sure you are using the original Orbx KSAN afcad. Cheers
  16. Just a suggestion, i dont know how UTlive works but probably it could use a different afcad file. If the afcad used is different can cause problem with sode. So this could be the reason for your problem. Just make sure to use the default afcad of the orbx KSAN scenery. Cheers
  17. Hi Joshua, I dont use UTLive, so i'm not able to help you very much. Have you tried to ask to UTlive forum? Cheers
  18. this is fantastic! Very happy to hear this. I still have no idea the reason of the problem but i'm glad now has been solved.
  19. ok use this, put it in KSAN/SCENERY folder. This problem is a nightmare anyway at the moment i don't have any other ideas sorry KSAN_V2-TERMINAL_p3dv4.BGL
  20. Try with this last thing, copy and paste these texture in KSAN/texture folder also, i have saved them in DTX5 maybe could help ROOF3.dds ROOF3_lm.dds
  21. Yes, i don't know sincerely, i have no ideas, i have never seen something like this and it doesn't make sense to me, I can't find the reason at the moment. in my opinion could worth the effort to try to do a full new p3d installation. if I have not read wrong you also have other problems of black buildings with other scenery or am I wrong?
  22. Hi Jack, I have checked the file, all seems ok. I have also used your file to do KAVX-KSAN and i do not see green roof, sorry Anyway i have re-compiled the file just to be sure, try to copy the attached file to KSAN/Scenery. I have no more ideas at the moment, the only advice I have now to give you is to try p3d with all the basic settings without external add-ons and see if the problem persists. KSAN_V2-TERMINAL_p3dv4.BGL
  23. Hi Jack, I'm sorry you couldn't solve. From what I read in this topic it seems a problem due to shaders. The airport model has nothing to do with what it seems. But if you want i can make a check, so please send me this model, you can find under Ksan/scenery folder " KSAN_V2-TERMINAL_p3dv4 ". Anyway i'm sure the problem is due to shader. Anyway I can suggest to try to use p3d from the original ie without any program that changes the colors etc like pta, envetex etc and see if everything is going normal. So disable everything and also use a full new default shader for p3d, by doing like in this tutorial: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/kb/articles/rebuild-p3d-shaders. When you are sure all is as original setting try to see if the green roofs are still present, if all is good, start to install you old add-on like envetx, pta and see which one are causing the problem. I have not more ideas, but i'm sure if you use p3d with default setting the roofs are normal.
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