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  1. Hi I just want to clarify one thing. All the products has been tested from many people before the release and works without problems on an healthy system. All the problems i am seeing at kbur are due to some problems in p3d that are nor related to the scenery. For us it is not simple to determine the cause of your problems, we go for attemps and suggestions. From what i am seeing in this topic, the problem here is the airport is placed higher than normal. If the mesh are set to 5mt, if you do not have any other kbur scenery installed in an healty system all should works without problems, but it is not the case here. So i can suggest now to try to disable in p3d NALC ( which could cause the problem if is not installed correctly or maybe there are some edited/missing/wrong files ) and see if the problem is solved. If yes, uninstall NALC ->make sure to do not have any residual files of NALC ( if yes remove them ) and make a full new clean installation of NALC. last question do you have also Vector?
  2. I will check, will be an update with improvements at kvny and kwhp. Cheers
  3. I think probably you were having some issues in p3dv4 probably with sca ( is a common issues ) now with a full new clean installation everything is working right, nice Cheers
  4. Hi, I think this is not right, i am trying to help you. I am saying sode does not have nothing to do with the scenery. The scenery is just 3dmodels with textures, it does not have sode or material script that could cause problems. I told you that the cause could be due to the heavy area, and try to reduce the setting to see if makes some differences. I can not do more than this, moreover this is the first case i hear a problem like this. cheers
  5. Hi, do you have any other kbur scenery installed? are you running the latest p3dv4.5 version? Looks like the scenery is there and is working, but you have mesh issue at the airport ( the airport is higher than normal, so this is why you are not seeing the airport buildings which are under the terrain). could you also please take a screen of your p3d scenery library? so i can see if you have some mistakes. Cheers
  6. Hi, looks like your problem is similar to this: maybe this can be a solution: it could be a symptom of system/graphics card being overstressed. Turn down a bunch of settings (all the way down for testing purposes) - see if the geometry is still stuffed. If it's not (ie it's fixed), gradually just bring the settings back up until he finds a good balance. In the LA metro area, big FPS killers will be: - Shadow draw distance & quality (turn these down low or off in general) - AI traffic, especially if he's using an AI addon - Road traffic - Scenery draw distance (though it doesn't look like he has this set super high) - Reflections - Dynamic lighting if this is not working, maybe worth to try a re-install of P3D. Cheers
  7. Set compatibility mode to SCA in the control panel, also turn off dynamic trees. Cheers
  8. Hi, Looks like you have mesh problem. Make sure to have kbur scenery on top of other sceneries in the scenery library, also make sure to do not have any other kbur installed. cheers
  9. I think when you are approaching at the runway, in that point a big block of agn at Los Angeles start to being displayed. Proably this is the cause of the pause. Maybe could worth try to play with the radius. But it is not a problem of kbur scenery. Anyway i understand this is something annoying. I will do some test in the next days, even if i do not have any pause at my end. Cheers
  10. Yes, try to play with the setting. Maybe start with all low and see if makes some difference. Cheers
  11. Try to play with setting, just to know if make some difference. I am sorry that you are having this issue, i know can be a pain. If i will have some new ill let you know anyway why you do not kill the process of p3d in the task manager when you exit? I think is very simple and fast to do. Cheers
  12. I do not know, i do not have any problem to exit p3d when i use kbur ( but i do not have HF2). The scenery has nothing that could cause this problem. The fact you are experiencing the issue just with kbur is weird. Probably could be a bug in the new " HF2 " or because of the heavy area. Maybe try to disable sca( if you have ) and reduce the setting of p3d and try to see if is the same or not. I do not have a solution to your problem at the moment sorry. cheers
  13. Hi, It is not easy to determine the cause of your problem. Have you tried with other scenery? Probably it requide more time to exite due to the airport is placed in an heavy zone. Cheers
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