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  1. wow looks absolutely amazing! thanks
  2. Sorry but this is a misunderstanding, there is no Orbx Kbur scenery available right now. This is not Kbur Orbx scenery. regards
  3. Hi, that is not normal. Please may you post an image of the problem so i can understand better? thanks regards
  4. Hi, yes the issue has been solved. The update with some other fixies will be available soon. regards,
  5. Hi, yes probably this is a bug of the sim, i have checked again and all it was fine. I am quite limited in the scenery editor, i can just add runways and setted up the parameters but there is nothing that i can set about the atc. As Jon already said above there was a similar problem with ILS that when you were adding a custom runway the ILS was not working correctly ( now this thing has been fixed ). What i can do its to ask to asobo if they can take a look to this issue. Regards
  6. Hello all, i am aware of this issue. Looks like this is a bug of the sim with the new updates. With the older updates there was not this problem. I have tried to fix this but without any result. I will ask to Asobo if they can take a look on what its happening. Regards
  7. Hi, thanks for the purchasing. Sorry but unfortunately i do not have any control over the atc. What i can say it's both runways are correctly setted up and are working. regards
  8. Hi all, i will check, i can say the parking spots are present in the scenery ( you can select them in the menu option ) i need to understand why they are not working when you land at the airport. cheers
  9. Hi, i have checked and i can confirm this issue. I will do some more test and if there is a problem i will fix it in the next patch. regards
  10. Hi, there are a lot parking spaces at kbur. Are you using the updated version? Regards
  11. Hi, Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to delete the static aircraft. Regards
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