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  1. Hi, we are doing some test. meanwhile, just for testing purpose, i suggest to try to set render scaling = 100, terrain level of detail = 100 ( or less ). I saw terrain level of detail can lower the fps a lot if set to high. cheers
  2. Hi all, We are doing some test. What i can say at my end i noticed the drop of the fps to about 12 just 1 time ( while i was playing with the setting and it lasted just a few seconds). Anyway i want to say NOT ALL people are experiencing this issue. For the people that are having the problem i suggest to try to disable the photogrammetry set render scaling to 100 and level of details to 100 and see if the problem persist. Thank you
  3. 4k for a 1080 with setting to high at kbur ( heavy area with photogrammetry is too much). Try fhd or 2k and let me know. Cheers
  4. I do not know his setting, i do not have 15fps at my end at all.
  5. I have already answered to this question, i suggested to you the setting to use. Just a stupid example, with my rig if i set render scaling to 200 i have 1-2fps. being a new sim you have to find the most suitable setting for your pc Cheers
  6. Probably could be because there is pbr textures. Play with setting to find the best for you. cheers
  7. Hi, I had the same with the old gpu drivers. Make sure to have the fs2020 driver installed, at my end this has resolved the issue. Cheers
  8. Hi, yes is normal. At kbur there is photogrammetry which can be heavy. I suggest to set render scaling to 100, level of detail to 100, lower the antialiasing and low the resolution maybe. Anyway you have to play with the setting. I have i7 8700k,32gbram,2080ti with latest fs2020 driver and all set to ultra with 4k i have 40+fps at kbur. Cheers
  9. you can use a lower resolution, for example FHD, it will goes very good. cheers
  10. Hi, first of all, do you have the latest nvidia driver for mfs2020? i am not sure if is available also for 1080ti, but i have a 2080ti and with the latest driver i have improved a lot the fps. Anyway i suggest to play with the setting, for example make sure to have " render scaling " set to 100 and " terrain level of detail " to 100. I have a i7 8700k,32gbram,2080ti it if i go up with those value my fps drops immediately. I hope this can help. cheers,
  11. Hi, Sorry i would like to see inside Orbx/kbur/scenery folder ( the one with all bgl files ) so i can check if you are missing something. Last thing, which version of p3d are you using? Regards
  12. ok, take a look at yout p3d setting. make sure to have scenery complexity set at least to normal. also could you please take a screen of your kbur/scenery folder? i want to check if you have all the files. thanks
  13. Hi Greg, no the buildings has not been placed with objectflow, but in the classic way Hi, I suggest to try to uninstall and reinstall kbur scenery. At the moment i have no idea why you do not have buldings and also all the groundpoly. regards,
  14. Hi, thanks. The new version of kvny and kwhp use the same version that you have with sca, this is why you do not have the new hangars. Anyway in the control panle you can choose between 2 versions; the original kbur version ( which is updated to new airport layout ) or the older but more detailed sca version. Cheers
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