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  1. San Diego California - KSAN

    Nice pics please check the compatibility option to SCA, i see default terminal over the KSAN terminal.
  2. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    Hi, any further images is very well accepted
  3. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    Thank you all for any images/videos that could help me on modelling this airport
  4. San Diego International

    Hi, you have to set compatibility option to SCA inside control panel
  5. San Diego International

    very nice!! check the compatibility with SCA you have default airport objects
  6. KSAN is brilliant

    Thank you Madair01!
  7. Avalon to San Diego

    I am very happy you like the scenery and see such a beautifull set of screens these
  8. For TTM KSAN

    You can find Elephants in the Zoo, exactly where they are in real life, so find the elephant zone also you can see dolphins in the sea if you look better, try to find them! the same for the birds! andy1252: I haven't understood what you don't like, so the photoreal? thank you
  9. For TTM KSAN

    Thank you Jack for your support! i'm glad you like the scenery, it has been very hard and long work
  10. Wow KSAN!

    Great shot check the compatibility option in the CP to SCA, i see you have default terminal activated
  11. Hi All! After the first Beta many things have changed, i have heard your suggestions and i did extra work to improve the scenery! Now i can say the project is nearly done. SCENERY FEATURES: -Huge photoreal that covers entire San Diego Metropolitan area ( about 1800km^2). -Improved airport textures and groundpoly. -Hundreds of Poi (Hospitals, Dams, Bridges, Parks, famous buildings, Skyscrapers, Boats, ecc ). -Many Helipads on Skyscrapers and Hospital. -Very accurate reconstruction of the approach, to feel exactly in real life! -Very accurate reconstruction of San Diego Airport, with animated Jetway. -Optimized for good performance with large possibility to personalize the features in Control Panel. -Compatible with ORBX FTX GLOBAL, OPEN LC NA and SCA.
  12. Reality check on San Diego

    Yes, to many things have been improved, changed and added to the scenery. Wait until next set of screens to see the progress
  13. Reality check on San Diego

    Don't worry Neil, the touchdown wheel marks is present in the scenery, with a very realistic specular effect on it.
  14. An open letter to Matteo, Orbx developers and customers

    Hi Kyle, very interesting story Yes beta doesn't mean the scenery is finished, i have corrected to much things now. I always listening constructive criticism. I can say the final results will be the best as possible!
  15. Hello Everyone! I am very pleased to announce my first airport with Orbx, KSAN - San Diego International Airport. San Diego is located in Southern California, close to the Mexican border. A beautiful approach, flying low over the central business district, San Diego is also the busiest single-runway commercial airport in the United States. San Diego is a medium sized airport, serving around 500 scheduled flights daily, with destinations across the United States and Canada. San Diego also welcomes a few international flights from the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Japan, as well as flights from Germany and Switzerland to commence in 2017. Whether you're flying the 737, 777, 757 or the A320, San Diego has it all. I have included the city with carefully hand placed trees as well as houses. I have also custom modeled the buildings and stadiums in the city. San Diego has entered beta, so look out for previews from the other guys. Saluti, Matteo!