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  1. OH WOW!! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! ...Please take my money right now!!!! My area falls into the "central" category though I'll buy South on day one. Cannot wait to clear up the custom scenery folder of all the small: landmarks, city scapes ETC, which "may" be slowing things down in favour of this new masterpiece! If it runs like Meigs or other Xplane products it'll be a dream come true for this flight simmer. Fingers crossed central follows soon after With thanks
  2. Yes - Enjoy all. So excited to hear TrueEarth England news. Regards
  3. Awesome John thank you!! Day one purchase without a doubt!!!! One more question if I may as I cannot find info. Will TruEarth Holland be coming to XP any time soon? Regards D
  4. Have been checking this site/thread for the last month, daily, for official updated news on UK TruEarth's launch. Still nothing new to share Orbx? Would love to see a new thread started by a tester to start teasing us with pictures as in other threads With thanks
  5. I will buy TrueEarth England on day one!! I remember hearing from FSCon that this was maybe going to be ready mid to end of August, hopefully its true and its not far away at all!!
  6. And as always I pray Australia V2 will also be for Xplane - Xplane release first plz
  7. Almost a month on, have you managed to recover what you scrapped lol? Joking aside, are you able to divulge any more info with regard to TrueEarth England? ... I'm also very curious to know if TrueEarth Netherlands will be released for Xplane any time soon? Regards
  8. Will this be released for Xplane at some point? Will all cityscapes be out for Xplane?
  9. I wish a cityscape were made for X-plane, Imagine flying all around a realistic Bangkok !! VTBS would just finish it off, not to mention Don Mueang as well
  10. I don't know who you are OND, but I will find you, and I will wish you a Happy Birthday!
  11. TrueEarth Japan (XP11), now that would be absolutely stunning!!!!!! Plz Orbx Plz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @John Venema Do you guys have enough information and data to hypothetically make the whole earth in TrueEarth style? South-East Asia, Japan ETC?
  13. Man the XPlane version is going to be superb! Can’t wait Orbx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. John. How will TrueEarth England blend in with other third party developers airports. With thanks
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