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  1. However that doesn't mean my performance should be like this right... Running a i5-9600kf and GTX1080. I'm running very moderate sliders
  2. Hi all. So I'm experiencing lower fps than I'm used to (20-25 with PMDG over OpenLC Europe). Also experiencing slow loading textures and drops to 10 fps over TrueEarth NL, with medium sliders and 2048. Here are two screenshots, above is my v5 and under is someone else's v4. What's wrong? Already tried verifying files, checking install in Orbx Central etc. Even deleted terrain.cfg and made a new one with Orbx function. I'm running fake shortcut v4 folders to let v4 installers install in v5 folders. So I also see P3Dv4 in Orbx Central
  3. Hi all, Currently running V4.4. When loading in EHAM or any other airport, it can take up to 11 minutes for the loading to even get past 6%! This is way longer than it was before and I have no idea why. My settings are moderate, nothing is all the way to the right. Also when flying into NL the textures don't seem to want to load in too. It's just one big blurry mess (the autogen is okay though...). I have this in no other place on earth (not even London). Is something blocking the loading of these files or something? Because there were moments that I had abs
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