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  1. The Ship is at B 49"9,78 L123"55,,17 Scenery is On Ship is in the background. Scenery is Off
  2. Hi Wolter, I will look for the coordinates. Hi Larry, I do not know what "CAC8" or "PNW" means. I only have the Orbx Libraries and some Free-ware like Nanaibo Water Aerodrome. Please help me what I need more. What else are Orbex Goodies?
  3. I ask is that normal. On Google, I can not find this Ship. But an other point, I see boats from underground. Or something is wrong?
  4. All is OK. But with a Readme it would be more easy.
  5. I am testing Devils Tower I am missing a Readme and a Mesh File, as the Tower is too small.
  6. But there is no "Readme" to know this. Regards. Peter
  7. Thak You for Answer. Not easy to install. I did find Portland with this Pfad: D:\Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KPDX_CITYSCAPE There is more Help needed. As normaly all is installed in Addon Scenery. Ok. Portland is a very good Scenery
  8. Hi, I try to test Portland City scenery. The Installer was running good. In FSX I go to Portland Airport. There I try to find the Scenery like Your Picture. But I did not find. Normally I can switch on and off a Scenery, but at Portland that is not possible. What is a near Airport of all Your Scenerys? How can I know, if I have the new Scenery’s, or nothing has changed? Same is with Yosemite Park. Regards. Peter
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