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  1. Turbine Duke v2 vs Active Sky 16 and HURRICANE IRMA

    Unfortunately no, I exceeded Vne at the end when trying to climb from sea level. Seeing the altimeter display -400ft and then looking out the window just in time to see the rolling ocean waves right in front of me gave me quite a pucker factor! Fun times, though
  2. This was the most intense sim I've done, by far. I was determined to get as low as possible, and was actually panicked in the few minutes leading up to the 46:00 mark. It was awesome! I had some kind of reaction similar to when Jaws came up out of the water to get Quint! Good times!
  3. Oh Canada

    oh canada by Mike D, on Flickr
  4. Thank you for the openLC SA mesh!

    BTW - picked up the openLC...LOVE IT! Orbx is the best! brazil by Mike D, on Flickr
  5. Thank you for the openLC SA mesh!

    FreeMeshX LOD10 (38-m) coverage: North America (LOD10 Canada is released in this mesh - default USA is already LOD10, so USA is not included for the base release. An LOD11 - LOD12 USA mesh is WIP.) South and Central America Europe Asia Africa Australia and Oceania I wonder what LOD the ORBX mesh is? Can't wait to pick up openLC South America!
  6. I agree with the OP. Some of the sales pages are outstanding, and others not so much. I was wondering - Do the authors provide ORBX with screenshots to use on the product page, does ORBX make them, or a combination of? I still have a product page in my mind because the screenshots were so well done - Sedona! Props to whoever schemed that. Well done! Thanks for mentioning this in the first place, OP.
  7. Good Video Recording Software

    I've used Shadowplay (desktop capture enabled) since it came out and I think it works quite well when you max out its settings
  8. RealAir Lancair Legacy zips around Darrington

    Thanks, the videos are fun to make. I used to frequently check the RealAir page, and I saw that closure announcement. Sad indeed. I believe the post said that the wife is recovering, but still. I have to say, I use the Turbine Duke v2 and the Lancair Legacy v2 probably more than anything else, with a third place going to the q400.
  9. RealAir Lancair Legacy zips around Darrington

    Interesting. I would really like to experience those effects in my aircraft. Maybe it's just a bug that LM will get around to addressing someday. Thanks for bringing this up. Happy new year!
  10. RealAir Lancair Legacy zips around Darrington

    I'll try it again now and see what I can find. I've never adjusted any of those settings before so I'm a bit confused why I'm not seeing it. If all goes well I'll be blacking out here shortly. Wish me luck!
  11. RealAir Lancair Legacy zips around Darrington

    This is how my setup always is - is there something else I'm missing? I wasn't aware that there were simulated gforces that showed up on screen. I would love to see that. Thanks for the headsup!
  12. Do you like bridges?

    Of course! I should have highlighted that before commencing the festivites Maybe next time, if I can remember Thanks for watching, have a good one