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  1. Hi, I recently installed Eu landclass & took a flight(Pmdg Tutorial#2) into Lowi & I noticed at the right side of rw 8 the elevation seems off.There are small cliffs showing up. I don't think that they are supposed to be there but I could be wrong . I checked vector & there is no listings for Lowi although I did fun the configurator I do not have any other products in P3d for that area.All the landclass items appear to be correct in the scenery library, l/c base then l/c europe 1, then 10 & 2 through 9 Thanks Ron
  2. Okay great, This was the same issue. That link above took care of the problem (I am using p3dv3.35. )Thanks Neil& Jim I also took care of the Kdvt tree problem at the same time with Neil's file. Ron
  3. I hope this is the correct forum to be posting this Hollister Ca. has grass running all over the parking& taxiway areas.Was not sure whether to post his in the Lc or Vector forums. I do not see the airport listed in the aec tool as either enabled or disabled. Thanks Ron
  4. Okay got it moved into Ksql scenery folder thanks Dennis& Nick Ron
  5. Hi Dennis, I am having a problem trying to move these bgl files to the scenery. Every time I try to move them the file becomes a shortcut or if I right click the info is all about open link, If I left click a dialog pops up asking what would like to open these files with.I can't seem to copy these to the correct folder. Not sure what to do next short of waiting for an update.I only need the gp s.bgl Thanks Ron
  6. Hi, How does one open these bgl files? I have tried winzip but all I get is incomplete filename notification. Thanks Ron
  7. Levi stadium is in Santa Clara about 1hour south of Sfo, within the San Jose area.I don't have the scenery yet so obviously I can't tell if it is there. Ron
  8. Windows 10 pro, P3dv2.5(not too much longer) P3dv3.0 running really great!!
  9. There was also a Scotts Valley apt, about 6 mi from Santa Cruz.now closed(X) Had power lines at end of runway & very tall trees at the other end, was quite an experience landing & taking off there. I used to live in Felton Ca very close to Scotts Valley. Ron
  10. Hi, Will there be a problem if I install the Ftx ga traffic in p3d 2.3 as I already have My Traffic installed. Ron
  11. Hi, I don't know if this will help you but I was also having problems in several airports, (missing runways, elevation problems like yours & also getting errors when going to different airports). What I did was reinstall vector 1.10 & let it run until the cfg black dialog box (Looks like old Dos) quit running & then I finished the process by clicking the finish box, then going to the ftx central & clicking on ftx global. What I did not do the first time installing was to not let the black cfg app finish. So now Voila everything is good with the airports In question. ( I am originally from Montreal) Ron
  12. Bamakevin see the 4th post above yours there is a link to the screenshot info. Ron
  13. Issue(non) resolved, All is well, I had copied the Ftx ftxg airports folder to my desk top for easier access, so I deleted that folder & Ksmo is up & running. Really nice work on these airports. Ron
  14. Todd, I have reinstalled the scenery pack & the situation I am experiencing does not happen only to the Duke, The frame rates are around 14 to 15 (I also have Fsdt klax v2 installed). I have flown through this area with no problems before although the scenery is intense. When I go to pan a view the view moves & then stops, I cannot move the controls, Throttle, mix. etc..Where would I find the Afcad files, I have looked around & can't seem to locate them. Thanks for the help Ron
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