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  1. I just scrolled through all of the North American airports for MSFS and none are marked down, only XP, P3D, Aerofly.
  2. Long Island, NY south shore Start at KHWV make sure to taxi by the fuel area and see a guy next to his model plane. Take off head south and fly over the bay to Fire Island and fly east till you get to Moriches Inlet. This inlet ends Fire Island and starts the Hamptons. Turn north at this inlet and it’s a short flight to 1N2 Spadaro. Set up an approach on the left runway which is the grass one, get your speed down it’s very short. This is actually Lufker Airport. Taxi to the cut near the middle of the runway and head over to Spadaro Airport. Make a left onto the paved runway, past my
  3. If you have an annoying flicker with P3D4.3 in VR make sure to force off ASW with the Oculus Tray Tool if your using Oculus. It makes a world of difference the way the sim behaves. With Netherlands it makes things a lot smoother turning vehicle traffic off. Brian
  4. Thanks Nick Submitted ticket. Brian
  5. I ordered Nantucket today but ordered the X-Plane version by mistake. Didn't realize it until I went to FTX Central to download and it didn't show up. No X-Plane installed. Would it be possible to switch it over to P3D version in my account. Transaction ID: 5abbb7f6d6358 Product: KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport - X-Plane 11 Amount paid: $16.48 AUD Purchased at: 2018-03-28 16:02:35 Quantity purchased: 1 Thanks Brian
  6. KFOK between Spadaro and East Hampton airports. Thank you Neil for the 2 above and Brookhaven which is beautiful. Brian
  7. It came with and installed with some Nantucket scenery I have, it hasn't interfered with any Orbx scenery. I do use Simstarter and it does not load when I use Orbx scenery in Europe.
  8. Recently I was flying around New Zealand I think but not sure Milford Sound area and came across a small airstrip in the woods. I set my cri-cri in, and noticed a shack at the end of a taxiway off the runway so narrow I knew I wouldn't be able to turn around. So I taxi down and am treated to a detailed shack with an old man sitting in a chair. I get out in avatar mode and walk over to check things out and there's a garbage can near by and a fly is buzzing around over it. I love that level of detail that Orbx developers bring to the sim. Avatar mode in P3Dv4 is the best way to explore. These g
  9. A clue? https://www.theicct.org/transportation-roadmap
  10. Ok, I went into my sim and got the answers for you. I'm using P3D4.1, I use Ultimate Traffic Live and have all the Orbx stuff. 3 ways you can do this. While in Australia in the sim hit the alt button to bring up the top menu go to the last tab. Add-ons>UT live>Toggle Aircraft This will turn off UT live, you can turn it on again by doing the same thing. This is easy but UT live program is still loaded and using resources in the background when aircraft are off. if you don't want UT Live to load at all when the sim starts: Start P3D once started and
  11. Glad you enjoy a challenge Nick, thanks for the help on this. thanks Jens for asking the questions Brian
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