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  1. Hi, I very much enjoy EU Germany North, however I noticed that EDDG has an outdated frequency for the ILS on RWY 07. You have 111.90 embedded in the BGL file, while in real life it switched to 111.75 about 2 years ago. I used Hervé Sors' BGL Facility Scanner to verify that the data does indeed come from EU_GEN and not some other scenery. This is on P3D v3, with FTX Central 3 telling me that I'm on the latest version of the scenery. Apologies if this has already been mentioned before, I couldn't see anything about it in a forum search. It would be great if you could prov
  2. If you bought the download versions from FSS, you should be able to use the web download links in your account page there, preferably with a download manager. That should give you more options and better speeds. (I got more than 5 MB/s last night.) Of course, ORBX also just released the Germany North region – I think the first download rush for that should have finished by now, but the servers may still be a bit busier than normal.
  3. I had no problems downloading all parts last night, getting between 3 and 5 MB per second. Mind you, I started almost the minute it came out, so I probably managed to beat the rush. Did you already download all the other parts? Otherwise you might want to try grabbing one of them off a different server. It doesn't matter which order you download them in; you just can't start the install until you have all of them.
  4. CDN=Content Delivery Network. (aka Content Distribution Network) Basically, the data gets pushed onto several servers around the world, and customer downloads should automatically be directed to the one closest to them. Ideally, this will make the downloads faster for everyone. Although, considering how many people seem to be anxious to get their hands on this one, I think we're just going to switch from complaining about release times to complaining about download speeds. :-)
  5. This is what @John Venema had to say about it last Friday: Assuming they kept that schedule, I'm hoping for a release some time within the next 24 hours. Mind you, I'm just a customer myself, and have no insight into what goes on at ORBX or FSS, so it's entirely possible that some last minute issues cropped up which would push the release back for a few more days. I hope not, though.
  6. I'd love to see LTAY get some love. (Denizli-Cardak, Turkey) It's a tiny airport an hour away from Istanbul, with only a handful of passenger flights coming and going every day, but it has fun approach procedures as you fly between mountains and across a lake in order to intercept its only localizer. Thanks to the landscape, winds will often present an extra challenge, too.
  7. Do you know anyone or any place around you with a faster connection? If so, you could download the installers from there onto a USB stick and copy them over to your home machine. You will still need a working internet connection during the install in order to verify your license, but there won't be any big downloads involved, so speed shouldn't be an issue. If you can go this route, make sure to grab all applicable updates for your products and the most recent ORBX library update, as well, though.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. That's good to know since it's already on my to-buy list. :-)
  9. Hi, there is a reservoir missing in NW Germany at 52.586389°, 7.296111° (Speicherbecken Geeste). Also, a small harbor at a nearby canal is suddenly AWOL. The area at Google Maps, Sat. view. Note the reservoir and the small harbor at the oil refinery (bottom of the picture): Seen from SW in FSX with ORBX Global+OpenLC Europe+FS Mesh (but without Global Vector). Same perspective as before but with all of the above packages plus Global Vector activated - reservoir and small harbor are gone: My order # for Global Vector: 5
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