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  1. Hey Tiger, Great shot! Flying to ORBX's Stockholm? How is it in P3D v4? What CPU and GPU do you have?
  2. Gotta love Iain's tittle... we know what that means...! Love the shots as well Iain!
  3. Thanks Mike. As I mentioned before, as you can see above in bold type, I am about to receive an EVGA GTX1060. My question was if with the incoming GTX would it be enough. Thanks anyway for confirming it! Blue skies! Andreu
  4. Hi Tiger, I see you mentioned you have a good collection of aircraft in your P3D v3 setup. Just want to mention that if you have, or in the future want to fly PMDG or Aerosoft "tube-liners", forget about AFS2 and FSW. I believe P3D v4 is the best 64 bit simulator for in-depth simming.
  5. Thanks aero. Do you think my hardware upgrade will be good enough? I usually fly PMDG and other heavies in big airports. I plan to use normal HD textures.
  6. In my case, I've been with FSX since it came to light. I never thought leaving it, not even when P3D came out, as it continued to be 32 bit, and with all the catalog of tweeks for FSX, I was sort of OK with my computer. I have an i7-2600 system with 12 GB DDR3 RAM and an nVidia card of 3GB of shared vram (GT-440 OEM) leaving me a clean 9GB of RAM system. After buying a lot of addons through the years (a lot of Orbx included), my computer started with the dreaded OOM's. Now that I can afford upgrading my system, I am about to receive an EVGA NVidia GTX 1060 6GB SC video card and an extra 4 GB DDR3 RAM card to add to my rig, totaling 16 GB of RAM. So I'm officially jumping into P3D v4 when I receive the new hardware! Do you think it's a good upgrade to jump to P3D v4? Blue skies to all!
  7. +1 I totally agree! Australia needs Perth as well as Darwin!
  8. Can't wait for Iain to start taking his shots of Bilbao... been there, done that...!
  9. I agree... Go so South of Europe and do make Spain more real...!
  10. Just lost a friend because of cancer too, like my second mother... Vlad, RIP, so sad to hear you go. My condolences to family and friends, including those in ORBX too.
  11. Great to read this! YMML was my second airport (after YBBN if I remember well) when I discovered ORBX existed! Great to know it'll have a great price as well! P.S. Can you tell us if YBBN v.2 is in your plans? I can say It's my favorite airport in Australia...!
  12. I voted all the big airports: Auckland intl, Wellington, Christchurch, Perth intl, Adelaide intl, Darwin, Calgary (very much needed) and Edmonton in Canada and some others like Mount Cook airport etc... Cheers to all!
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