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  1. Thanks for the replies. Looking at the products page it looks like everything I have will also run on the P3D simulators through P3DV4. I would assume that once I get P3DV4 up and running I would have to shut down FSX-SE in order to install these ORBX products on P3DV4, correct? I really don't want to switch to P3D but I just recently bought EU Germany South and EU England and these are the ones causing the memory problem. EU Germany South is the worst, EU England I just get OOM occasionally. I do not have memory problems with any of my North America products or any of the Global Range products. Even if running all display settings at Ultra High. I don't know why EU Germany South would be such a memory hog. Even cutting my display options to low doesn't solve the problem. I have seen posts where other people have also been having memory problems with Germany South and North. Maybe ORBX will be looking into this.
  2. I am thinking of switching to Prepar3D v4 from FSX-SE. I have a good bit of ORBX scenery, North America, Europe, Germany, England and several airports. All purchased for either FSX or FSX-SE. Even though my system is up to date and high performance I am beginning to have Out Of Memory problems. My question is this will any of my current ORBX scenery work with Prepar3D or X Plane 10 or 11?
  3. Thanks for the replies and tool suggestions. I am going to be doing some uninstalls soon and will check them out.
  4. I figured it was worth a try. Even if I just use the 47/31 discount I am still old as dirt and thought that might be worth something.
  5. I am old enough to qualify for the senior discount of 20%. Also I got a notice of the 47% off for 31 days discount. If I purchase several ORBX products can I use both of these discounts?
  6. Is it possible to disable my ORBX scenery without uninstalling?
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