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  1. Ik installed P3Dv4.5 and 5 on May pc. In Both simulators Chaseplane workshop fine. The only thing that does not work is the generation of static camera's in v5. When í try to generate camera's for the gates I get an error message Data not supported for P3dv5. Jacob
  2. First installation of Netherlands HD ended in a message that there was not enough space on my SSD where P3Dv4 is installed. The size of my SSD is 100Gb and there is free space of 59Gb. ORBX is installed on a HDD via a link. Although there is plenty of space on my HDD, ORBX installation only takes into account the space on the SSD. So message came 79Gb required 59 Gb available. My solution: Manual download of Netherlands HD via ORBX direct. Move the complete Scenery folder from P3Dv4 to HDD. Install Netherlands HD via FTX (now there is enough spac
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