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  1. Wow I can reply here! Somebody let me in. I'm only 67 ( in April ) can I play too ? I also have cat masters. They're 12, my golden lab is 8. LOL Sue
  2. One engine will always, have enough power to get you to the crash site ! Love it. Cowl flaps indeed... ROFL Sue
  3. ROFL Resistance is Futile ! Been there, done that. LOL Sue
  4. The newly released Douglas C-47 version 3.12 Beta works very well in P3D 3.5. The HD virtual cockpit is stunning, the sound is amazing, and the engine detail is incredible! If you think I Iike it, you're right ! I even love the 37 page manual ! LOL Sue
  5. Thank you very much Matthew. I was starting to feel invisible. LOL Sue
  6. Are you using the installer from FSS ? The Vector listed on the support page is only an update...
  7. Anybody ? Would some one at least acknowledge my question ? Thanks Sue
  8. OZ x is compatable, but up to 3.4 now. The have 3.5 in beta testing ! http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/category/1-ozx-scenery/
  9. If you bought the Australia region from the flight sim store, you don't have to buy Australia. When they combined it, they set it up so a region owner got the package free. Just log in and download it. Don't forget the AU Holgermesh on the FTX freeware page. Steam runs better. Welcome back Sue
  10. EZDOK and TrackIR. Don't leave home without it ! Fine in P3D 3.5x. I've never had a problem with EZDOK support, or forums. Sue
  11. Charter Member 5 years, or more. Good suggestion though ! SOH can always use it. Thanks.
  12. Ok, I'm at the same spot as the OP, studying navigation. Is there a way to get a Sky Vector flight plan into Plan G, or FSX ? Thanks Sue
  13. Wahoo! Got the manual, can't wait for the resease ! Nice shots! sue
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