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  1. I actually just switched (7 to 10) and haven't really noticed any performance change. I just prefer 10 due to the more modern art style and such. Have you tried reinstalling your missing planes?
  2. I've been a customer here for awhile and honestly I'm pretty used to the way things are in the FS world regarding addons, downloading them, just standard stuff like that. Therefore it seems like a very bold move by ORBX in their new business model that's taking shape. I guess it's just the fact that this will all be handled by a service similar to Steam that scares me a bit. This has never been done before in our hobby. What I'm worried about is stuff like server issues, something going wrong and me not being able to download my addons, that sort of stuff. Could somebody at OR
  3. With it being Fall, I have been flying in the fall environment for most of my simming. One thing I notice as a Midwest native however is that while there are orange and yellow trees, there doesn't seem to be any red trees in the bunch. It just seems weird that they're missing. Ever possible we could see this in a patch?
  4. Took off from KJAC early in the morning. Not a cloud in the sky. Total flight was an hour or so over Yellowstone. Wonderful scenery.
  5. What is it about this picture that looks so real? Could you explain? I'd love to have my sim look like this!
  6. I know I'll probably just buy it, but I'm curious still, how much new textures are there? How different does NA look with OpenLC? Is there still any scenery that's dull and repetitive like with default land class, or is it not far off from the quality found in full regions? One thing I'm wondering specifically, do the tropical regions (Florida, etc) really look tropical and have a differing climate and set of land class textures than areas further North? Thanks, -Mac
  7. I have no autogen trees at 0S9. I'm using the latest version and have the latest ORBXLibs and Object Flow and have also installed with Migration Tool disabled. This leaves me scratching my head. Any ideas?
  8. Dam can also mean large shoreline or a natural structure holding back a large body of water. If this mystery project IS the Bahamas, I'm sure Ken and Tim would have more than enough money to retire on after release!
  9. I'll bet it'll be out well before the CRJ! Really, all I want is a good regional jet..
  10. Along with waterclass, it would be really cool to see a form of generic watermasking actually worked into the shorline textures for the vector data (If that's even possible). My favorite thing about photoreal scenery has to the watermasks and their blend between land and sea/lakes.
  11. I would buy that in a second. Would love to do more flights around Bonaire, Marteen, etc, but I'm just really put off by the water. It's so cartoonish looking.
  12. I'm considering buying this, it looks incredibly promising and innovative. I'm coming from REX4 Soft Clouds. Can anybody comment on how it is/how it performs? Thanks, -Mac
  13. Hello everyone, New account here, it's been months so I forgot my credentials for my old account (Outrage). Anyways, it's good to be back. I've been flying a ton of XPlane lately and one thing that I love about that sim is how much better the water looks. Specifically, the transition between different forms of waterclass isn't as jarring as ESP, especially in tropical areas where I can look and just pick out the blockiness of ESP's waterclass. Something I would love to see for FSX and P3D is an addon that would function for water sort of the way FTX Global does for land;
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