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  1. Ah, my mistake! ORBX state they had to use different orthos though, due to licensing, so I wonder if the "new" version is still 30cm and seasonal?
  2. Are the textures seasonal please (I don't believe the Earth Simulations original was)? What is the resolution (GSD) of the orthophotography (ground textures)? Many thanks
  3. I build my own PCs and it is time for an upgrade (to Win10). I have everything ready, including all the new parts assembled in the new case etc. Soon it'll be time to close down my current PC (Win7) for the last time and transfer the bits I'm keeping to the new case. I'm transferring all my existing hard drives and just adding a new one (which will be my new C: drive) on which I'll install the OS. I really, really want to avoid re-downloading all my ORBX products (esp. TrueEarth!). I had P3D v4.4 installed on a seperate HD (i.e. not my old C: drive). When I make the move to the new PC I want to install v4.5. The question is, how can make this jump and transfer/install/repair FTX Central without re-downloading the content please?
  4. I like the idea of a LOD14 product with seasons... to the extent that I might, maybe, just about consider buying a region to see what it's like (whereas before I was going to give it a miss for sure). I'm gonna stick my head above the parapet here, at the risk of being shot by some, and say I'm still firmly on the side of good quality land class & autogen with landmarks (i.e. done excellently by ORBX with FTX) interspersed with blended, seasonal orthophotos around bespoke airfields (again done excellently by ORBX) rather than orthophotos for entire regions/nations. In years past I spent a lot of money and filespace flying over orthophotos sold by 2 different developers, then buying building and tree autogen products to overlay on top.... I LOVED it!!!! One of those developers decided to start selling orthos at LODs finer than 1m GSD... It was at that point I really realised filespace would be a perpetual issue. At about the same time I fell in love with flying seasons (outside of my ortho coverage). That was it... I ditched orthophoto regional/national coverage and went 100% for Orbx FTX and I've never looked back. I recognise some may consider me a luddite (to the point I almost deleted this post, lest abuse ensue) but I'd much rather part with my money for an improved "Version 2 Ultra FTX Region" (i.e. buying the same regions all over again) with improved textures, more/better landmarks, improved mesh GSD etc. than a TE region. Dare I ask if anyone else feels the same?! OK I'll duck back under the parapet now... where I keep my rock to crawl under!
  5. 25cm orthophotography is available for the whole of the UK and has been for a while, to the extent that much is now being superseded by 12.5cm. I work with it on a daily basis. Note the distinction between orthophotography (input) and photoscenery (output). I only mention the former, not the latter.
  6. Interesting. I was assuming it would be the same as the current standard of 25cm for orthophotography in the UK, at least as far as BlueSky, GetMapping and others go... if not the new standard of 12.5cm. Can anyone at Orbx confirm? 1m photoscenery + autogen is already out there, at least as far as the UK in FSX was concerned (not P3D/XP11).
  7. Indeed. Been there, done that. I'm a photogrammetrist by trade (amongst other things). I also make photoscenery for FS. I think you missed the point of my "Wow"... I was surprised it wasn't bigger!
  8. I'm also from Northern Europe. I love bush flying in sims. I have all the North American ORBX regions. I would recommend SAK the most. Andy
  9. Anyone know where I can find and download KML/KMZ files for the coverage of FTX regions? Does anyone know of a way to download them from the ORBX map? Map FTX products Many thanks Andy
  10. I can totally see what Holger is talking about re: "directional" features increasing the need for more photoscenery, which in turn causes other implications. If it wasn't for that I'd be joining the queue for a new Utah-based region... I'd call is "Mojave Desert", or simply just "Mojave". With no such region on the radar I'd like to at least see some Utah (and Nevada) FTX Global airfields, in the same vein as Sedona, Telluride and Eagle County.
  11. Thanks to the recent ORBX sale I decided to take the plunge with Aerofly FS2 by way of FTX Innsbruck and my Rift CV1! I have to say I'm blown away! Now I'd suddenly like all my FTX scenery in Aerofly... yesterday! You guys made the right choice porting to Aerofly... you have another new customer ready and waiting! The logical question is... what other FTX sceneries will be coming to Aerofly next?! Jackson Hole would be great, but then so would Southampton, for completely different reasons! All the best Andy
  12. Can we see a shot or two of Pachacamac on the outskirts of Lima too please? Ta.
  13. Can we have a similar thread showing glaciers of Patagonia please?
  14. LOL! Indeed! Great shots and very impressed. Three greens...
  15. Looking back on these I'd bet PTA was used? I'd love to know the presets used (a shared presets ini would be amazing) please?
  16. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of acquiring a license for the Modeler (and Compiler etc.), which would allow the creation of new, bespoke vegetation models "from the ground up" (another pun!), which as my IP could legitimately be released as freeware libraries by myself. I wouldn't dare do anything else for the fear of getting into deep water!
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