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  1. Will these scenery addons be seasonal (i.e. react to seasons in the MSFS engine, adding snow etc)? If so, can we see some screenshots showing the same scenes of the same addons through different seasons please? Many thanks.
  2. You guys are sooo lucky having access to the SDK already! I'd love to be getting to work on my scenery addons...
  3. How far down that road? BTW, whilst I've got you here, that grass also really needs to be mowed
  4. Has this scenery now been updated (as per the P3D release)?
  5. I'm considering buying this product, but looking at the screenshots and videos the windows appear opaque (most notably the control tower windows, which appear to be black). Can anyone confirm this is actually the case? Many thanks
  6. Ah, my mistake! ORBX state they had to use different orthos though, due to licensing, so I wonder if the "new" version is still 30cm and seasonal?
  7. Are the textures seasonal please (I don't believe the Earth Simulations original was)? What is the resolution (GSD) of the orthophotography (ground textures)? Many thanks
  8. I build my own PCs and it is time for an upgrade (to Win10). I have everything ready, including all the new parts assembled in the new case etc. Soon it'll be time to close down my current PC (Win7) for the last time and transfer the bits I'm keeping to the new case. I'm transferring all my existing hard drives and just adding a new one (which will be my new C: drive) on which I'll install the OS. I really, really want to avoid re-downloading all my ORBX products (esp. TrueEarth!). I had P3D v4.4 installed on a seperate HD (i.e. not my old C: drive). When I make the move to the new PC I want t
  9. I like the idea of a LOD14 product with seasons... to the extent that I might, maybe, just about consider buying a region to see what it's like (whereas before I was going to give it a miss for sure). I'm gonna stick my head above the parapet here, at the risk of being shot by some, and say I'm still firmly on the side of good quality land class & autogen with landmarks (i.e. done excellently by ORBX with FTX) interspersed with blended, seasonal orthophotos around bespoke airfields (again done excellently by ORBX) rather than orthophotos for entire regions/nations.
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