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  1. Hi Doug, I installed ObjectFlow per your instructions and that fixed my problem. I now have the airport buildings. Thank you for your help, Falcon67
  2. Hello, I just purchased and installed Orbx's Tahoe Airport (KTVL) using recently installed Orbx Central (ver 4.0.33) and now I have no airport buildings. The runways and taxiways are there with their markers but there are no buildings. My P.O. number for this purchase is 5e055bde3e709, and I use Prepar3D v4.5 HF2 on a Win10 Pro system. I also have installed and up-to-date, Orbx Global Base Pack, Vector, openLC North America, Buildings HD, Northern California Region. Orbx Central say my Libraries are up-to-date. I've successfully run 'Verify Files' for KTVL and 'Sync Simulator' with no effect. I've attached a screen shot, my scenery.cfg and central.log files for your review. Thanks Falcon67 scenery.cfg central.log
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