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  1. Thanks for sharing Bruce e. The passion these guys have for these wonderful aircraft is great to see. They will live on for many years to come. I flew up from Christchurch to Wellington on one of last remaining DC3 aircraft in the now Air New Zealand's fleet in 1968 I think is was. I had walked out on to the tarmac expecting to find a Fokker Friendship and lo & behold here was this beauty. What I remember most was how quiet and smooth it was. Helped no doubt by a fine day. Many a day I would go to the airport at Paraparaumu ( before Wellington had ground airport ) and watch the DC3's and Bristol freighters come and go. What a beautiful sound. I still see the odd one take off from my local airport after a maintenance check at Field Air. Sadly they few and far between now. Kevin
  2. Quite remarkable, first class no question. Full credit to the OBX team. Kevin.
  3. Just takes your breath away, stunning. You ORBX boys & girls sure make it hard to up your game with each new offering. Appreciate all the hard work. Kevin
  4. If they have let Emmsie loose on this, then it must be just around the corner Nice shots Iain Kevin
  5. With this level of incredible detail I will really throw my toys out of the cot if the roof on the Rod Laver tennis arena doesn't close when it rains Kevin
  6. I have a i7-9700K on my new rig with a Z370 motherboard and it talks rather well with my RTX-2080. I came to the conclusion that the extra expense for anything beefier was a waste of money for me. I am still installing all my ORBX stuff but it handles TEGB at a doddle. Kevin
  7. Thanks Nick, I realise it is small capacity but it will hold all my ORBX stuff on the 1 TB, or at least what I have at the moment. I fully intend to put another 1 TB in at a later date when I can afford to do so. This rig is only for flight sim and I don't whish to use any drive that is not pristine to start with. Latest purchase GB true earth 30fps locked smooth over London with no options disabled, very impressed. Kevin
  8. I'm just a bit concerned here Ben. If I understand correctly we will be required to have a back up of all our purchased files either one of the computer drives or an external drive of some sort. I have a 1 T/B M.2 for P3DV4 and all my 80 ORBX purchases and a 500 GB M.2 for the operating system and modest storage. I have just forked out $4500 on a new rig especially for my flight sim. I simply cannot afford at this stage to add another drive, something I hadn't planned to do for some time. I really pushed the boat out to get something built that will actually run ORBX software as it is intended and thought once I have it all installed I will be okay for at least 12 months or so. It looks like I might have shot myself in the foot. Kevin
  9. Well macca, you aren't the only one who has slow bb. Here in NZ, you know just across the ditch. It took me nearly an hour to download TEGB. MInd you, her indoors was watching Netflix in ultra high definition at the time on the big tele. Next time I will tell her to do the dusting or something and it may come down a little faster. Kevin
  10. Thank you Graham, you always come up with these wonderful updates to your superb AI package when we least expect it. Much appreciated from all of us. Kevin
  11. It has always been up until the present sale, that if an item was at a discount of say 15% on sale Old coots would still receive 20% off the retail price, hence in this example an extra 5%. I have not had a look this morning to see if things have changed but True Earth GB central would only give me the 15% sale price. That may change if you pull the trigger. I did not want to do that in case it did not and I shot myself in the foot. I will wait until the sale finishes. P.S. No I am not irish! Kevin
  12. Neil has left a giant foot print with ORBX with big shoes that will be hard to fill. His legacy will live on for many years to come. The idea of John's to rename "the old coots club" is spot on Kevin
  13. Well Rodger, it's my body framework that presents the biggest challenge for me these days! But yes you are on the money with how we have changed the way we fly and what we fly. ORBX is at the top of their game and with the excellent aircraft that are available to learn to fly in a most realistic way I think that we are very lucky. I do have to smile when I read that someone complains that ORBX have modeled their house with a red roof when any fool can see that is green. Or that, that complex aircraft hasn't got the correct amount of engine smoke at start up. May our hobby continue to evolve. I think you can agree we in safe hands. Kevin
  14. Superb shots as usual Iain. Just one thing missing "My Final Shots" Kevin
  15. Thanks Benny, enjoyed that. Just love flying my Majestic Q400, such an in depth experience. Kevin
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