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  1. Here I am in lockdown in NZ, flight simming and patting myself on the back at having resisted the temptation to purchase even more Orbx scenery in the very generous sale, when the blighters go and extend it !! Well that's it. Now where do I start. Kevin
  2. Well I don't fly at night much so I have done a bit of a tiki tour around the country and my findings are thus. Queenstown runway lights at dusk are very large, at night they are gone, at dawn I can see the posts but not much else. In other parts of NZ the lights do vary a bit as to type some have quite a flare to them but you can see that as you get closer to them. The Queenstown ones are just a big blob or nothing depending on the time. There is a lighting tool somewhere in ORBX Central but I have not used it on this rig. Of course if you instigate a general change you will effect all airports. There may be a fix for Queenstown but I have never worried about it because as I have said I do not often fly at night. I do hope someone can help you with this who has more knowledge than I. Kevin
  3. I can confirm that said tree has been there for as long as I can remember and is still there with the latest update to GB south. I find it quite handy for my dog to pay it a wee visit, so to speak. What I was most disappointed about was the fact that at Christmas there were no fairy lights nor indeed, angel on the top. ORBX have really dropped the ball on this one I feel.
  4. Yes I would agree with you that the Australia & New Zealand package is first class and I will not use anything else flying there. Sadly I would not hold my breath for ORBX to release anything major in this regard in the foreseeable future for North America and the rest of the world. Graham Eccleston from ORBX has done a tremendous job over the years and I think he deserves a bit of a break. If ORBX were to release a pay ware AI I would purchase it in a heart beat. Kevin
  5. Hi John, yes I have all Aussie scenery. That was our 10th time on the Gold Coast. Tiger for punishment I know Kevin
  6. Hey that's below the belt! Yes John I do apologise I was thinking of the Avenger. The Milviz listings are under "Partners' by the way. You won't get me rising to the bait about the cricket, there is nothing on the hook. I have just spent a couple of weeks in your neck of the woods after spending 8 hrs driving up and down dodging bush fires on the central and north NSW coast. 6 days R&R on the Gold Coast before flying home was rather good. It is just so sad to see and very upsetting when you see it first hand. Kevin
  7. Well shake the moths from the credit card my friend because it is listed as being available from ORBX direct! Kevin
  8. Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water Kevin
  9. Yeah all my buildings are up in the air at Stapleford after GB South v2 Everywhere else is present and correct as far as I can tell. I shall wait for a fix. Don't ya just love computer programing! I don't know how the ORBX team retain their sanity with all the shifts in the goal posts. Rest assured all of us old devils silly enough to have this as a hobby all these years really do appreciate all your hard work and dedication the ORBX team put in. Kevin
  10. Thankyou for your explanation Tym. I will follow your advise Nick and ignore them. Kevin
  11. Thankyou Nick & Sascha for your prompt replies. I think I will remove the Scotland scenery pack and Just have the three GB true earth. A merry Christmas to you both. Kevin
  12. But could anyone tell me what the 2 entries are in my purchased products, misc...….. TFDi real light and TFDi true glass. There is also XMLT xml tools. They not installed but click on them and it invites you to install them and that they are free. Well yes but it would be nice to know what exactly the little blighters get up to first. I noticed these after a rather large TEGB south update. Any ideas? Kevin
  13. I would like to add True Earth Central and North to my TE South. My question is, would TE North play nicely with Scotland or should I uninstall it first. I do have Global & Euro land class and they are no problem at this point. I don't care if Scotland is taking disc space, it is just that I don't want to break anything and so I will uninstall if I have to.
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