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  1. John, if you're looking for free charts this FAA site is great, has all Approach/Departures and all instrument plates for every US airport that has at least 1 instrument approach. All downloadable as PDF at no charge: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/dtpp/search/ Hope this helps, Gerald
  2. My First Officer Abby, feral cat volunteer 8 years ago. She adopted me soon after we saved her (if you know cats you know THEY adopt you, not the other way around...:-)). Yes, that's my printer, she loves it, but the printer not so much. Clean hair out all the time but she's faithfully with me on most flights.
  3. Happy Birthday Iain! All the best and here's to many, many more!
  4. This is resolved. Removed everything ORBX from the sim, de-installed and re-installed 4.4 Scenery, re-installed everything ORBX and Glacier is now correct. BTW, it looks great with the update. Thanks, Gerald
  5. Morning, Had GP working fine since the issues I had in September. After the update and the SODE install everything went south again, duplicate airport, floating scenery, etc: Interestingly, after de-installing GP an ORBX folder search for KGPI brought up multiple KGPI files (more than 20) and among them was the one below. Deleting this one fixed the elevation issues (or so I thought): Library insertions correct, libraries up to date, Objectflow checked, etc. Worked back installing layer by layer till everything ORBX is uninstalled and still have the duplicate field. Additionally, there are random floating jetways around the scenery: Decided to re-install the 4.4 Scenery and with nothing ORBX related now have snow covered airport, duplicate airport, some jetways floating around and some of the GPI parking lots still visible (right of the main terminal): Summary of steps to date: - Installed update and SODE - Verified GP files- it did find some files to repair - De-installed and re-installed GP - Removed everything ORBX (including Base) one at a time and checked between each removal, including running Vector AEC each time till I removed that - Searched P3D folder for KFCA and KGPI files and removed anything ORBX related - Started P3D- duplicate airport still there - Repaired 4.4 Scenery - De-installed and re-installed 4.4 Scenery Any help greatly appreciated. I admit to some frustration now with GPI since both times I've installed I've had serious issues. If I can get rid of the duplicate airport I'm leaning towards not re-installing. It's a shame because GPI is my all time favorite place. I love that area so much it was my default start for years. Thanks, Gerald
  6. Hi Greg, Thanks but there's more going on at GPI than lights, at least for me. I'll open a separate thread. Thanks.
  7. And I'll chime in with the same issue, totally dark airport. All items above checked and double checked. I am going to try complete removal and fresh install and will report back.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments!
  9. I drive by it very often John and the sign says LM so I assumed that's them. Do you mean the smaller building in the foreground of my second shot? If not then the only other LM building I know of is on Sand Lake Road about 10 miles west off of Interstate 4.
  10. Afternoon, Couple from the new Orlando Scene of the LM Headquarters. For those looking, it's just off the East-West Expressway, second exit to the east (Rouse Road) just beyond where the East-West crosses the Central Florida Greenway. Lat N28.32.51 W81.13.34. Enjoy!
  11. Great set Jack! Just loaded it up, have a few pics coming shortly.
  12. Thanks Iain! A very Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year to you and your family from not so sunny Florida!
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