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  1. Happy Birthday Iain! All the best and here's to many, many more!
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments!
  3. I drive by it very often John and the sign says LM so I assumed that's them. Do you mean the smaller building in the foreground of my second shot? If not then the only other LM building I know of is on Sand Lake Road about 10 miles west off of Interstate 4.
  4. Afternoon, Couple from the new Orlando Scene of the LM Headquarters. For those looking, it's just off the East-West Expressway, second exit to the east (Rouse Road) just beyond where the East-West crosses the Central Florida Greenway. Lat N28.32.51 W81.13.34. Enjoy!
  5. Great set Jack! Just loaded it up, have a few pics coming shortly.
  6. Thanks Iain! A very Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year to you and your family from not so sunny Florida!
  7. Hi Derek, They are Quality Wings livery files, installed through their livery manager. http://www.qualitywingssim.com/v. Scroll to the bottom. And just reread your post and you obviously know it's liveries, sorry. It's early here and not enough caffeine on board yet... They never download zipped, at least for me, Hope this helps.
  8. Hey Jack, great shots! Really have to get down under soon, looks fantastic. Love the loop...
  9. Good post Fizzelle. My two cents and IMHO... I'm a 25+ year flight simmer, have a handful of real time over the years but have never had the time/dollars to do any serious flight training. Flight simming has allowed me to advance my dream of flying and to hold on to the hope that some day, maybe, I can take to the skies for real. I also have the secret fantasy that a lot of us have about saving the day. But, it's just a fantasy. "Flying" a 737 in P3D is, I'm sure, so far removed from the real thing that it will remain a fantasy. I've also been a Flying subscriber since the mid-1970's and can tell you that this is not the first time this issue has been discussed by Flying contributors. I have always considered Les Abend a stand up guy and I have enjoyed his column in the past and will continue to do so. I know what I am so his words don't bother me at all. He's not writing his column with me in mind anyway so how ever he wants to label simmers doesn't matter to me. He knows nothing about why I do what I do with P3D. So, go ahead real Flying folks and label me however you like, it just doesn't matter. However, having said all that, I have long wondered why, in this digital world of ours, with the abundance of digital keys for everything there is not a simple secure activation code for the FMS to "activate" the engine start sequence? We as "fake" flyers can't start anything without a secure key to enable the software. I would think it would not be terribly difficult to add this to every FMS with the activation code added to the dispatch paperwork sent to every flight crew gate side just before flight. Or, send it through ACARS after the ship is awake. Point is, many ways to accomplish this and it would insure that only properly recognized flight deck qualified personnel can perform engine starts.
  10. Wish it was on the flight deck but just a (very) frequent business flyer. Headed home last Friday we were out from 27R and I think I finally found 25GA. Grass strip a bit southeast of Douglasville?
  11. Beautiful set Iain! Love turboprops, whose F-50 is that? Looks really good.
  12. Thanks Chunk! NRM is still my favorite as well. And, agreed on the MAX.
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