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  1. John, if you're looking for free charts this FAA site is great, has all Approach/Departures and all instrument plates for every US airport that has at least 1 instrument approach. All downloadable as PDF at no charge: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/dtpp/search/ Hope this helps, Gerald
  2. My First Officer Abby, feral cat volunteer 8 years ago. She adopted me soon after we saved her (if you know cats you know THEY adopt you, not the other way around...:-)). Yes, that's my printer, she loves it, but the printer not so much. Clean hair out all the time but she's faithfully with me on most flights.
  3. Thanks for replying Jack. Works ok for me in 4.5 as well but re-installed FSX for a bit to use some addons I miss not for 4.5.
  4. Apologies but bumped up from page 3. Any ideas on this one? Thanks, Gerald
  5. Ok, thanks Nick. I get it now.
  6. Shouldn't anything Global be below any OLC's?
  7. Operating system: Win 10 Pro 64 Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Issue: Vector reinstall with Central 4.0.10. AEC config panel does now recognize FSX properly but when running an AEC scan the exception occurs and AEC panel stops working. Tried x3 with same result. .Net log attached. Thanks, Gerald central.log FSX Vector Error.txt
  8. I'm not using any shortcuts, only through Central 4 or by directly selecting the .exe in each sims Vector folder. It always shows P3D4 only. Right now I have Vector uninstalled in P3D4 and Vector still shows P3D4 only, even when selecting within the FSX insall. Mark this one closed and thanks for your efforts. I'm not reinstalling FSX for this so I'll live with it. Gerald
  9. Nick, I ran the V2 fix you sent and V2 found FSX without me doing anything. I ran your fix anyway. Central 3 and 4 have always found FSX and installed fine into FSX. Everything is working and displaying great in FSX. So I don't see how this is a problem with my Registry?
  10. Hi Nick and Doug, Thanks for getting back to me. Registry entries have never been the problem, at least for Central 3 and 4. I have successfully installed into FSX on my H drive Global, OLC NA, Buildings, Trees, all 7 NA Regions and about half of my 20+ airports. All are working fine with no issues. Additionally, every re-install of Vector has all of the AEC airports in the proper folder. If I do a manual airport entry it shows up on the disabled side and is also working properly in the sim. Last time I re-installed I also removed Vector from P3D to see if that would help but Vector still shows P3D only on the drop down list, which is always grayed out. I also tried running the Vector config direct from the folder in FSX with the same result: Of note is that Lights Config has no issues: So to me the issue is with the Vector Config itself. I'm just pushing on and living with the bad airports for now, fixing them as I find them. But, still not resolved yet. Latest central log attached. Thanks again. Best, Gerald central.log
  11. Sorry but bumping this up. Re-installed more than several times, direct started Vector Control Panel from Vector folder and still it does not recognize my FSX install. Deinstalled again until this is resolved. Please, anyone have any ideas at all? Thanks, Gerald
  12. I have re-installed Vector x2 now and still no AEC. After the last re-install the AEC selection does not show so I de-installed. Any ideas here? Gerald
  13. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Issue: Fresh install of FSX, Global Base, Vector and OLC NA. P3D4.5 also installed with Global, Vector, OLC NA. FSX and P3D on separate dedicated drives. Vector AEC only recognizes P3D4, no FSX selection possible. Thanks for any help. Gerald central.log
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