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  1. To anyone still interested in this: What Orbx vector configuration tool is doing when you deactivate elevation correction for an airport like UOOO, is replacing the corrected file with the one labeled "default" This one: Orbx\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\ABP_UOOO_Default.bgl Using the correction tool only for deactivation, it will be set to active. However, this elevation isnt correct in that case either, causing the mentioned elevation problems. After I deactivated this file manually by RENAMING this file to "Orbx\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\ABP_UOOO_Default
  2. OK, its gone. thanks. does that mean I should only use that option when actually flying in a winter environment?
  3. Hello Community, i traced the problem down to Orbx Vector which is why i post it here. In the screenshot you can see the lake of geneva with the city recently...well....expanding into it. I noticed that in a lot of places around the world, so this is just an example. When I deactivate Vector in the scenery library, the buildings disappear and everything looks normal. I also tried to use a default terrain.cfg and let Orbx central re-synchronize my simulator. Any ideas on that? thanks
  4. Solved: double check your windows defender exclusions in case you run into the same problem. Chaseplane.exe and ChasePlane_bridge.exe (In Appdata/Roaming/Parallel 42) both need to be excluded from WD checking.
  5. OK now I see that you are the same guy that replies to my ticket. I just tried to copy the downloaded Chaseplane.exe from the Temp folder to the Install folder and run it there, but it also simply gets deleted by the auto updater as soon as it is ran. Gives a whole meaning to the term "vaporware" I am unable to determine what exactly blocks the autoupdate connection, since everything else works fine on my PC. But still, 3 questions come to my mind: 1. why is CP not simply sticking with the old version in case of a failed update (giving a message), but seems to delete itself before a n
  6. I have exactly the same Problem with chaseplane recently, but "verify files" doesnt help in my case. It downloads CP again, installs, runs the CP updater which deletes the exe again. Sometimes, when I delete the "local/temp"-folder left behind by the installer, I manage to get to the CP GUI, but as soon as I relaunch the application or hit the green "update now" button, it deletes the exe again. This is a real headache, no offense but what makes a program that contains so many nice functions have such a capital bug that it deletes itself...? I have no external antivirus installed, DEP a
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