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  1. Oh no. Not again. I was trying to give the credit card a rest, but.......
  2. I bought Australia again. I have it on disc but wanted to load it into P3D and at the sale price it was a good buy. No doubt I'll buy v2 when there is one. Still a few airports to get so thanks for the sale.
  3. I think she's used to the flight sim bit now, at least she can watch TV in peace while I fly about in PNW etc. It's helpful that I can download stuff easily now. The cds of Orbx things arriving from Australia used to be a bit obvious. These days its the real world flying that gets the strange looks. Still at least the kids are fully supportive (provided I take them up from time to time). Peter
  4. PNG in the USA

    Some of those Idaho airstrips are a challenge! Thanks for the link to the info. Peter
  5. PPL earlier this year. My instructer had far more real and flight sim hours than me!
  6. Good interview. I was listining to it flying out of Half Moon Bay thinking how good the orbx world was looking these days. Thanks Peter
  7. I also spent many happy hours flying in Flight Unlimited from Half Moon Bay. Looking forward to this one.
  8. I know nothing about z channels etc, but... As far as I'm aware (as a DX10 user) the grass at Cardiff is about the only thing that has in this problem in the Orbx world, which is no big deal. Vlad Maly fixed the grass on CEJ4 when he updated it recently so that it is now DX10 compatible. It can be done, and it is appreciated. Thanks Peter
  9. UK Airports

    Being able to integrate Orbx EU airfields with photoscenery would be great. When doing RW VFR flights its good to practice them in FSX first, but it really needs the acuracy of photo scenery. I want the best of both worlds with Orbx airfields and photo scenery. I have to admit that the Orbx EU looks better, and I tend to use it more often, but having the photo scenery option would be appreciated. Thanks Peter
  10. When PNW came out I thought it would be great to have some of my local airfields done Orbx style. I didn't seriously expect to see any anytime soon. But here's EGHA looking like the real thing. So thanks guys. Peter P.S. Where next in the UK? Old Sarum?
  11. It's a white flashing strobe. Not sure how often it flashes though. Peter
  12. It looks good, and the surrounding area adds to the immersion with the local landmarks. One you should be proud of. Thanks
  13. EGKA getting closer.

    It's great to have a good area around the airfield as it really adds to the realism. I'm ready to buy when you're ready to sell. Keep them coming. Peter
  14. I think one away from London would be best. Modern buildings and fps are considerations for me.
  15. Ok with me. I've bought loads, and if the price dropped I'm sure I'd buy the few that haven't tempted me so far. Nice idea.