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  1. Thank you very much you are teh BEST! Always a big help you give...I fixed everything, re-installing ORBX products from FTX Central, it take less then a couple of hours...I was expecting more! I'm very happy! THANKS !!!
  2. I try to install one product from FTX Central but it takes many time, for example just to re-download FTX Global base and it takes almost 1 hour! And after that I can see it in installed... At this point for now I don't use FTX Central...simply if I don't open it my ORBX entries remain in scenery cfg! So I'm fine with that... But I still don't understand the reason why if I launch FTX Central it deletes entries of ORBX from cfg scenery file ... Do you think I'm fine to stay in this way? I mean...open FTX Central no more so the ORBX entries stay where they are in the cfg scenery file? Or it would be better to re-download ORBX product from FTX Central?? Thank Nick!
  3. This is an example of what it's inside each file under ORBX > User Documents > Versions... is this normal?? Thanks!
  4. Hi, this is what I see inside the folder you tolde me...just some txt files specifying version of ORBX products...is this correct? Another thing I noticed is that all this mess happened just after I updated ORBX libraries...
  5. Thank you very much for your fast reply, you are very kind! Doing what you suggested me let FTX Central show my orbx products again in it! But the strange thing now is this: it seems all my products (openLC Europe, north America, vector and so on) are not installed! But the funny thing is that if I go to ORBX folder inside FSX main folder all the products which are apparently not installed are actually INSTALLED! I can see them also in my scenery configurator, while FTX Central told me are NOT INSTALLED! This is really weird, like a bug or something similar...I attach some screenshots to let you see what I'm saying One last IMPORTANT THING I noticed: if I open FTX Central all the entries of Orbx magically vanish from scenery configurator and I have to add them manually from Orbx backup scenery cfg folder (inside program data, under disck /:C) REALLY REALLY WEIRD!!! Waiting for your news, many thanks Nick!
  6. Hi all, I have a really serious problem I've never had before. After update my Orbx libraries all Orbx products/regions (OpenLC europe, North America, South America, addons airports...) suddenly dissapeared from FTX Central. I noticed almost all the entries of Orbx are dissapeared form cfg scenery file too! Please help me, it's a relly serious problem here. Thank you very much for your help! Cheers, Riccardo F.
  7. Hi PILOTS! Just a quick question... is FS Global Ultimate compatible with FTX Global, Europe, Vector...or if I install it this causes some kind of conflict with ORBX products? Hope to have news soon from all of you! Many thanks!!! Cheers, Riccardo F.
  8. Yes! Thank you very much! That was really kind of you, have a nice day and a nice FLIGHT!
  9. Looks good to me too! This is how ORBX GLOBAL + VECTOR + EUROPE OPENCL should look? Am I right? I've also installed into my FSX-SE REX Essential OD Plus, AS16 (sky active next) and MyTraffic professional 6.0, are all these add-ons make conflicts each other? Looking this screenshots NO! For now... I'm too HAPPY!!!
  10. Finally it SEEMS that my problem is fixed!!! Texture rendering is no slow anymore (all texture and ground now are in HD) and Vector works! Watch the screenshots! What do you think?
  11. Finally, re-installing ORBX, Vector is now appeared in my scenary library inside FSX! Now I'm gonna test, hoping the slow texture loading dissapeared...what can cause this issue Nick? Thank you..
  12. I followed the topic, and I probably did a mistake...I lost all the scenary in FSX (all ORBX and add-on scenary...) Now I'm reinstalling all and see if it works...
  13. Before purchasing FSX Steam Edition I had fsx disk edition on my Pc, then I uninstalled it but I think some files are still somewhere on my pc...Do I have to cancell them all to solve all my problems?! If yes how can I do this? Thank you very much Nick!
  14. Actually I found out that I have 2 different FSX folders! (FSX and FSX-SE) with different scenary.cfg in it! I was making a test flight a few minutes ago and I noticed that texture now are blurry and load very slowly! Terrain and ground are loaded in HD only under the area I'm flying, but if I look just some meters above the textures and terrain are all messed up and only when I fly over them they turn in HD! ...I think I messed up all my FSX...What can I do? In the 2 screenshots below you can see what I mean... Thanks..
  15. By looking my in-game screenshots, do you confirm VECTOR is working? But if is really working why I can't see it in my scenary library in FSX? I don't understand this...
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