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  1. 8 hours ago, Wakashi said:

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, plus not being able to fly would tend to make a person very irritable! >:(.  Maybe once you get the carpet and internet put in your hanger and you get back to flying in the mountains your health will improve!  Get well soon! :)

    A big thanks Roger for your concern on my state and as soon as i get my carpets and my internet i will be back flying and posting my pictures and i have not been on for some time now,

    and i think of all my friends on orbx as my extended family  and have fantastic load of friends regards EMM

  2. 10 hours ago, renault said:

    Take care of yourself young man:)

    I've missed you and I'm glad to hear that things are falling into place. Take it easy - one step at a time mate. 




    A big thanks R for your concern about my self i am going to the doctors today and see if i can get stronger pain killers been up sine 2.30 am just the pain in my chest and my left arm

    been like this since last week never mind .

    And when i get my carpets next Wednesday and my internet i will be flying again and posting my mountain shots regards EMM

  3. 37 minutes ago, Iain Emms said:

    Stewart sorry to hear of your woes mate i hope you recover soon mate and get your new flat up to scratch, Just take it a day at a time mate.



    Thanks Iain for all your support on my present health  and i am getting there with my flat carpets next week and soon my internet and back to flying and posting my pictures 

    of my mountains just cant wait regards EMM

  4. 2 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    Stewart, as others have said, great to hear from you and I wish you the best with your recovery. Try not to push it...those chest muscles can take some time to heal, and when setting up a new home, it's very easy to over do it when you are physically hurting ;)  We'll be here when you are ready. Congrats on the new home btw!

    Thanks  for all you nice comments and like you say it is very ease to overdo it and i just cant wait till i get my internet on and start fling again and post my pictures regards EMM

  5. 30 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

    Nice to hear from you EMM!  Gosh, you’ve been thought a heck of a lot.  But I’m glad you’re going to be ok so please take care of yourself my friend.

    Thanks Jack it is all going to worth it i have a nice home now and next week i get my carpets and have to move all my furniture and i am on strong pain killers now i have been keeping in contact with Martyn every day with email and a big thanks for you kind wishes we are not getting any younger getting worn out and i look forward to flying my mountains regards EMM

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  6. 1 hour ago, Stillwater said:

    Lots of trouble around you Stewart, but I am glad you give us a little note. Keep my fingers crossed you can sort all these issues out, one after the other.

    Thanks my friend i did to much at the time i hope i am ok when i get my carpets next week because i have to move all my furniture but as soon as  i get my internet on i will be flying again have not done for some time now Gerold regards EMM 

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  7. 1 hour ago, boetie said:

    A nice surprise to to see you post mate. I would tell you a joke but it would be too painful for your muscles. Get those European mountain shots coming soon Stewart, they're always worth looking at.

    Cheers Graeme :)

    Thanks Graeme for you nice comments and i have been told by my doctor it could be 8 weeks but when i get my internet i will be up and running regards EMM 

  8. Hi all i am still alive and i will be back when i get my internet i will be having fiba but i am waiting for bt to come and dig up the road and path to put my internet into my new flat .

    I have moved from callington to a council flat in Liskeard  Cornwall 2 weeks ago and at the moment i am not  in good health and hope to get better soon .

    I have puled the mussels in my chest and it is killing me i lifted a table last Thursday and some heavy boxes and that give me all this bother i went to the doctors on last Friday and they give me a ECG 

    for they thought i had had a heart attack they just wanted to be safe and it turned out i had strained my mussels on my left side on my chest and i am on lodes of pills and the pain is running down the inside of my left arm and i am getting up about 2.00 am every morning because i just cant sleep with the pain .

    I have a nice flat 2 big bedrooms one for my pc but i do not have any carpets yet having them fitted next Wednesday and had no furniture until last week but i have now and a cooker yesterday and a fridge freezer i was keeping my milk in water but i am ok now thank god .

    With having no carpets i could not set my pc up with all my flight sim stuff  but also no internet and i hope i get it in the next few weeks and i will be back then for i have misted you all  and missing my flying i am just on my laptop with Wifi  that i am connecting to from bt .

    Well hope to be back very soon regards EMM

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