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  1. Fantastic set of shots my friend and i loved all the shots of you planning your flight regards EMM
  2. super set of shots OND and you have made or Jack happy now with the yellow aircraft regards EMM
  3. super set of shots my friend regards EMM
  4. Yet more fantastic shots Iain the first and the last shots are fantastic and look like a photo well done regards EMM
  5. Fantastic set of shots Iain regards EMM
  6. Thanks Mark for you fantastic comments on my set of shots i tried in p3d but but it was very bad dragging but i reset to Johns setting and it runs ok now on p3d regards EMM
  7. Thanks John for you super comments on my set of shots regards EMM
  8. Thanks Crom uk for your super comments and i have not noticed the FPS increase over London i will look next time regards EMM
  9. Thanks Rod i am pleased you liked my set of shots regards EMM
  10. Fantastic set of shots of Dover docks spent many a weekend in the docks clearing customs when i was driving in Europe happy days regards EMM
  11. Fantastic set of shots and some look like photos number 1 and 2 regards EMM
  12. Thanks Adam for your nice comments regards EMM
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