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  1. xp11 Meigs Field by Dutch wink.

    Fantastic set of shots Filou and it is very nice to see you back regards EMM
  2. Refuge Cove tug bimble

    super set of shots Jack did you have your fishing rod for a bit of fishing and catch your breakfast or tea regards EMM
  3. MacRobertson Air Race leg 20

    super set of shots Jack and i must say i am enjoying your tours regards EMM
  4. On the Rocks - Refuge Cove

    Super set of shots John and it is nice to se something different i hope you where not on the rocks too long lucky you did not sink did you have a life jacket regards EMM
  5. More Marauders

    wow what super set of shots regards EMM
  6. Half Moon Bay

    super set of shots Adam regards EMM
  7. Corsair to the aircraft carrier in the sky

    Fantastic set of shots regards EMM
  8. from innsbruck

    Thanks Landon i am pleased you liked my flight in the valley i am having loads of fun better than on top of the mountains regards EMM
  9. from innsbruck

    Thanks Martyn i have been having fun flying in the valleys and it loads of fun i am pleased you liked my set of shots regards EMM
  10. from innsbruck

    Thanks Iain regards EMM
  11. from innsbruck

    Thanks Jack regards EMM
  12. Nobby's Creek to the coast.

    Have you seen my valley flying Martyn regards EMM
  13. from innsbruck

    This flight is a valley flight from Innsbruck towards Salzburg started the flight at Dawn in the spring with p3d.v4.2 and envdir and active sky cloud art i hope you enjoy my flight and shots regards EMM. [
  14. No sign of the Zodiac

    super set of shots Martyn regards EMM
  15. part 3 up the valley to innsbruck

    Thanks Karl i am pleased you liked my set of shots from my flight regards EMM