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  1. "Anyone else wish you could move the eyepoint back away from the cockpit, it' unrealistic site so close you're looking out over the glare shield, spent many a year in cockpits and this is not how it really is, I wish ChasePlane was working with XP". Hi Jack i use X-Camera. Kilby
  2. Great news, would love this to happen , will be very interesting to see how it runs in Aerofly.
  3. Great video, Theodore "T.C." Calvin would be proud.
  4. Hi Jack it is free , you will need the new update. I have to say i fly choppers in DCS and this Helo in AFS2 is wonderfull.
  5. Iain you lovely man. Which spitfire are you using ?
  6. I know Iain you are going to get alot of requests about posting pics, but if you have time could you post some over Norwich and the Norfolk coast. Thank you
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