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  1. Happy birthday Jarrad!

    Happy birthday.
  2. Texan fly's from Kern Valley

    Love em, great shot's.
  3. FTX AU AI Traffic for P3D V4 Preview

    Great stuff. thank you for all your hard work.
  4. HB Nick Cooper

    Happy birthday..have a great day.
  5. AeroflyFS2 update news for July 23rd

    I cannot wait for the Dash 8 Q400
  6. Cheers John...Great video.
  7. Boeing 737NG Flightdeck & ORBX

    Fantastic stuff..........thanks for sharing.
  8. Yes looking great!
  9. Very good video...like it a lot.
  10. Alaska morning

  11. I'll be the first then...

    Yep Have a good one.
  12. My first PC used for Flightsim.

    Oh the memories Protek Airliner.....
  13. A big big thank you to all the team !!

    Yep very happy