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  1. Hi Richard, I found the solution to the issue myself. I not sure if you are interested to know it, but I will write it anyway. I had a affinitymask set to 248. Which meant that I was not running P3D on the first 2 CPUs. In the second that I enabled those to CPUs from within the Windows 10 task manager the textures became OK. :-) BTW: I also tried the Maule as you suggested before trying the above. That gave me the same poor result.
  2. OK, thanks your help. I will try the Maule later today. I tried google but I was not good enough to find other with same issue. Which keywords did you use? BTW: I have tried to move the slides -> makes no difference, except for lowering the quality as expected :-)
  3. Look at the Specs in the first post. I forgot the write down which graphics card I. It is a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 ARMOR OC - 8GB The PMDG aircraft look perfect no problem. I have lock my framerate at 50 fps and that is stable on 50 fps. I have 1.4 GB of mem available. I am not sure why you believe it is a PC problem. Would you please help me explain why you think so?
  4. Hi again http://imgur.com/a/ciH0g Look at the 2 image. After the first screen shots I have send to you today I un-paused the simulator and flew 10-15sec paused and took a new screenshot (the buttom image in the above link) waited for 1 minute or so and took the second image (top image in the link above). BTW I also have Orbx trees.
  5. It seems to be some kind of load delay. Because every time I have made screen shot I written the post when I return to the simulator the ground textures have been updated so that they look perfect again. I would like to post the images. Please guide me on that.
  6. N55°07.3 E012°08.0 I got a gtx 1080 graphics card. BTW: i have used up my available space for uploading more images to this post. So if you ask me to upload more images please also let me know how to do so /thanks
  7. Hi there I have the issue everywhere I fly in Europe, so you can take whatever coordinate you like. First image Look at the coast line on the small islandon the right side of the wing. It might not be so clear. So please also look at the next post N52°04.2 E012°18.0
  8. Hi there, I have some trouble with part of my orbx textures being blurry, as you can see on the image that I have attached My Pc Specs: 6600K i7 16gb RAM 512tb SSD for win 256tb for P3D v3 P3D v3.4 AS16 REX FTX Global FTX LC Europe FTX vector I have tries to change LOD, locking framerate to 50 but I does not help I have written some text on the image and drawn a thin red line (approx. in the middle of the image ) to inducate where the problem start/stops. The strang thing is that the par
  9. Hi again, Holgers last tip " Use System Time for Default Scenario" worked. Thank you very much for your advice, Holger Cheers, Thomas
  10. Hi Just tried what Holger suggested but still no luck. I still have the winter landscape. If I enter the Scenery Library menu, make NO changes and press OK. P3D will reload the scenery, it loads the correct textures, but it is a but annoying. especially because I did not have this problem until som days/weeks ago. I can not think of any changes that I have made. Holger: I have changed the library order and attached a new image. I guess that should be OK now, right? I do not start the simulator from a save flight
  11. I have tried to disable the ftx norway scenery and that removes the problem - but sadly also the norway scenery. Does that give anybody a hint? Why is the FTX norway causing that problem?
  12. I have the following scenery config.
  13. BTW. The problem I have is on P3D V3.4 I have not done any upgrades of the FTX central. it is version
  14. Hi I have a problem with my textures. I have winter textures wih snow even though the date is 2017-05-31. I have had this problem before but cannot remember how I solved it. I have all the orbx global packages. This picture is from the Aerosoft Frankfurt airport. BTW. It is so good customer care you have regarding the free upgrades of your packages to P3D v4. Thank you very much. Cheers Thomas
  15. Hi Doug Thank you for your guidance. I did a searhc for ESSA and found a solution in this post: Cheers Thomas :-)
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