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  1. Doesn't matter. Totally different marketing experience out here in the stores plus harder to get the previous years models. Will wait a month for all the new line up to make an appearance and see what's under $2000 for an active big screen or may be dreaming ;-)
  2. Hi, Anyone in Australia can point me to some good sites that sell 3d TV's? I look in the usual JBhifi, Harvey Norm, Dick Smith, Good Guys but there is limited choice for LG tv's. (read up that the Cinema 3D was good) I did find a site called Bing Lee but there wasn't too much choice and good old Kogan is just odd. I guess I've been spoiled for choice after living in North America and would be more than happy to shop online rather than in the stores. Just need to know where to look on this side of the world ) Thanks, Andrew
  3. Dusk over York UK

    Hi Teecee, Take a few more shots if you like around York. I don't have P3D installed (have to wait 2 months) so just look out for other peoples screen shots of the area when they become available. Thanks
  4. Anacortes to Skagit - part two

    Hi Andy, I live up in Vancouver, BC but have driven around the Skagit, Anacortes, Concrete, Darrington region several times. Wonderful part or Washington. and your screenshots do it justice ;-) As it's always bloody raining around this area, if you switch you weather conditions to overcast and less visibility you'll have it smack on. I'm moving to WA, Australia in 6 weeks so time for some well earned sunshine and will visit this area again only in P3D Andrew
  5. York & Scarborough - Pic request please

    Sinamuab, many thanks for taking the time to get shots of the areas. Really appreciate it. Regarding the last shot, perhaps it's just how the autogen/textures works. Unless someone goes in there specifically and put some castle remains on the hill I reckon It'll just get covered in farmland or houses. Same as the Lake District shots I've seen so far. There are no trees or farmland what so ever on the higher slopes in real life so probably get the default cover unless more detail is given. I think we got too accustomed to our previous photo coverage
  6. York & Scarborough - Pic request please

    Hi teecee, I lived there for 15 years before heading across to Canada. It's funny how you just want to see what your old towns look like in the flight sim even though we can fly around Google earth etc. I remember first getting the photo scenery but soon grew tired as it was all flat with no autogen. Better than the FSX default though. You been back to York at all over the previous years?
  7. Hi, Don't mean to be cheeky but any chance someone could take some screenshots if they take a flight near York or Scarborough. Just curious how they are both represented. Have to wait another 3 months before I can install P3D again and join in the fun Many thanks, Andrew
  8. Hi Bill Ho, I was in your very same position until I decided to take a short flight with an instructor. Here in Canada I was lucky to get one for only $70 and was truly buzzing after I finished. Had a canon 5d MK II camera on me ready to film the take off and landing but he actually let me take off and land so never even got the camera out the bag. He obviously did the flaps which I totally forgot about and all radio and was there ready in case I messed up. He said that most people using flight sims spend way to much time looking at the instruments and forget to look outside. I would have actually started lessons straight after getting the medical but I'm in the middle of immigrating (coming over to your island) so need the cash for other things. Previous setup was 3 X 24" screens, yoke, pedals, Trim wheel, trackir and as soon as I got in the real seat I realized the flight sim was no comparison at all. As TalbotFlyer mentioned they are two different experiences. In a 172 and first experience was how confined and right in your face everything was . The 152 was available but I'd been in one of those before as a passenger years ago and it was way too small. To attempt to duplicate realism I guess you could turn up the PC sound really loud if you have large speakers to match the real engine when it starts up and runs but the rest of family and neighbors wouldn't be too impressed. Perhaps this buttkicker thing could add a bit of realism with the plane vibrations etc as the real thing shakes something crazy. I don't think anything can replicate the forces you feel when taking off, turning etc. I actually went a little cross eyed doing a really steep turn because of the G Force as I wasn't expecting it at all. Looking left during the several turns the view was pretty much straight down and despite looking amazing I was getting concerned with the airplane was actually going to flip upside down. Holding my hand up in the air I could feel the forces pushing it down. I also noticed that it was really hard to get a 'feel' for when the plane was level even though I could fine adjust with the trim. Looking straight forward out the window and also out the sides it seemed to be level but there was still quite a bit of trim to go to match the instrument. I guess it's all experience and you need quite a few lessons to get totally familiar with it. My simulator pedals were totally out of whack compared to the real thing but that can be adjusted. There's hardly any play on the real pedals. For me FSX/P3D is now something for a bit of escapism and also certainly a good way to get your head around learning navigation and instruments. Just go for it Bill if you have the cash as nothing beats a real flight and it will probably be bugging you until you take one ;-) All the best, Andrew
  9. Many thanks for the links. I'll bookmark them. From the few I just checked the difference in price seems to be approx and extra $20 - $30 on top of US prices for the more expensive items. Not bad at all really Although I'll add that I'll probably get the PC case over here and ship it as they are obviously more expensive given the size of a Fractal Design Define XL Black Pearl.
  10. Hi, Just curious as to which stores the Australian members here use for their new PC parts? I was comparing prices of processors, Graphics Cards, Motherboards etc with some of the US websites I've used in the past and I don't see a massive difference in prices. Certainly not enough to justify buying a new computer before heading out there and taking the chance of getting stung with import tax because I haven't owned the gear for more than a year. I was in Queensland a month ago and couldn't believe how cheap the large TV's were in various stores. Always thought Australians had a hard time over imported electronics but it's pretty comparable with Canada & the US and the wages in Australia are better. The only really expensive thing seemed to be coffee as they don't offer regular 'drip'. Thanks, Andrew
  11. Wow! That is a difference in price and I'll certainly take your info into consideration. Is that price also determined by the high gas/petrol prices over there? We always have the extra shock of seeing the taxes added at the till and have never got used to it as am originally from England. Yes, CAD and AUD have been fairly close for a while. Already warned my wife about new PC parts before I leave ;-) I try not to buy anything in Canada anymore and frequently head down to Washington for goodies. Couple of weeks ago I got the Cessna trim wheel for $36.00 from Frys and it makes all the difference in the simulator. On the way back stopped for a coffee in the Skagit Regional and watched things come and go. This coming September my wife and I are going to head over to QLD and spend 3 weeks driving from Cairns down to Byron Bay. Hope to stop off at some of the local airports and check out the Orbx scenery comparisons. Haven't been to QLD (in real life) since 1993.
  12. Thanks to the both of you for the info. The prices are pretty wild here also. Unfortunately there's no chance of me completing the PPL course here in Canada as the total cash required is more important spent on getting out of here. I'm pleased to hear that this Pilot Training Record is transferable though so all is not lost on the flight lessons front especially as I'd like to take a look around this area from the air. All I've done so far is the online training so will see how many flights I can get in ;-)
  13. Hi, I'm located in North Vancouver, BC , working through this online ground school course and I'd like to take several flight lessons out at Pitt Meadows airport. I'm actually hoping to immigrate to Australia next year (as soon as possible really) and was wondering if the flight lesson time at Pitt Meadows would be logged and go towards any continued PPL training I do out in Australia or would it all start from scratch as I'm in another country? As much as I'd enjoy the lessons here I don't really want to spend a load of cash if the flight time can't be logged and may as well wait until I've immigrated. Look forward to any advice. Many thanks, Andrew
  14. Many thanks Derek. I'm following your post with great interest. It certainly does look the part when I first saw the panel but if I'm paying a higher price for flight sim hardware I'd generally expect it to be easy to set up and fairy ergonomic. That knee shot made me laugh. Didn't it used to be advertised at $999 or was I reading it wrong? Andrew
  15. Hi Martin, Do you own the software? I'm waiting on it to go on sale from the US store. I've no problem that the area is small and not in my own country as I simply just want something that's excellent visually and fairly realistic to practice on using pedals, yoke, trackir. No harm having two flight simulators on my computer and use which ever one takes my fancy on the day Regarding screen shots, I wouldn't out them up on this forum. Bit rude really. Thanks, Andrew