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  1. Yes exactly. Always, when you think you got all issues sorted out new issues appeared... I could cry for the PMDG birds, but who knows what the future may bring. For now I‘ll stay with Xplane - Low and slow
  2. Thanks a lot! It is a really impressing sim and an even more impressive piece of art orbx have created
  3. After years of struggeling with P3D, never-ending tweaking, fixing and micro-stutters, the last CTD (after starting to descent down to the Canaries) was the final straw that made me delete everything having to do something with P3D. Guys I feel like a burden has suddenly fallen from my shoulders. Honestly, it has been more hate than love for a long time, already. So, no more looking back and hello beautiful smooth new sim!
  4. Thanks Jack, I will definetely give it a try
  5. Hi Jack very picturesque flight. It is a beautiful area up there, indeed. Your Ipad app also makes me curious. Could you tell me how it is called? Best regards, Zebu
  6. Thanks for your comments! It is from Aerosoft and hast just been released today. Unfortunately I had not enough time to test it to say how good it is. I will take a closer look at it tommorrow, but one thing I already like is that it comes with a HUD. It also has no autothrust which I personally like.
  7. Well, she smiled at me and I had to buy her...
  8. Thanks a lot for your comments On it's way I suppose yes, since the mesh I am using has just been released Looks splendid with ORBX textures!
  9. Hey guys, just did a bit of test flying with my new mesh, which finally arrived today. The first impressions are quite nice! The Vesuv in Italy Hawaii San Francisco No mesh visible, but I liked it anyway
  10. Hey guys, I was just curious if there is also a Google Earth file for FTX Australia just like for the other FTX regions. I find these files very useful and use them a lot for flight planning, but unfortunately I didn't find one in the ORBX documents folder. Best regards! Zebu
  11. I hope you habe a lot of fun with this graceful lady. She is definetely one of a kind! And yes, the DC is still in service in Alaska and Africa as far as I know.
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