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  1. Great shots of the valley. It is a great place to visit in RL.
  2. Nice comparison shots!!!!!!!
  3. Good looking plane Iain, just bought it but have not flown it yet. Great shots.
  4. These shots are kind of sad!!!!! To let a perfectly good airplane get in that condition. I saw a plane that was in similar condition at an abandon airstrip in Oklahoma.
  5. Couple of good looking shots!!!!!!
  6. Excellent shots, great looking clouds.
  7. Great post OND!!!!!!!!! The shots were great and thanks for letting us know where you were at.
  8. Yes, blame it on the cat. Nice shots!!!!!!!!
  9. Excellent shots of your flight Gerold!!!!!!!!
  10. That is a colorful airplane Adam, great shots of it and Seattle.
  11. Great shots!!!!!!!!!! Enjoyed the walk.
  12. Thanks Chris!!!!!! Yes, Friday Harbor would be good one for MSFS 2020
  13. Thanks John. The last shot did turn out nicely.
  14. Glad to see you back to you old trick!!!!!!! Excellent shots.
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