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  1. I like left overs and these are great.
  2. Enjoyed the flight and shots Gerold!!!!!!!! We do not see this par of the world very often.
  3. Super shots Dario, Africa looks great!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Super shots Jack and I agree the airport looks amazing!!!!!!!!!
  5. Awesome shots Adam!!!!!!!!! That interior shot looks like the a real photo.
  6. Nice, must not have been to windy that day.
  7. These are great Jack, thanks for posting them.
  8. Looks like it was an exciting flight OND, super shots of it.
  9. Excellent shots Jack. Great shots of the airport.
  10. Nice plane, looks good with the scenery!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Looks super!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Great shots and good looking scenery.
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