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  1. lifejogger

    San Francisco

    Super shot, I like all of those lights!!!!!!!
  2. Gee John you are killing me with these shots!! What did the Borg say on Star Trek, resistance is futile !!!!!
  3. lifejogger

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    These are amazing shots!!!!
  4. lifejogger

    Goose Bay geese

    Excellent shot, like the haze in this shot, looks very realistic.
  5. lifejogger

    Various, before PTA

    These are excellent shots Jack!!!!!!!!! What airport are you at in those first shots?
  6. lifejogger

    Only one, yes, one

    The green colors look very good.
  7. lifejogger

    Short drive to Israel's Farm

    Nice tour of the farm Jack. I have always wondered after all these years of visiting the farm why i never see anyone there.
  8. lifejogger

    Exeter from the inside for Terry.

    Yes, looks just like a C-47 cockpit, good shot of it.
  9. lifejogger

    Beware the little red dot.

    I always like the looks of that plain too!!!!!!! Nice shot but what red dot!!!!!!!
  10. lifejogger

    Going to Exeter.

    Looks very good Martyn!!!!!!!!!
  11. lifejogger

    Tour de Bretagne

    Very colorful shots OND!!!!!!!!!
  12. lifejogger

    One fine day somewhere over Australia

    Your just a stunt pilot by nature Jack...... You need to go on the airshow circuit.
  13. lifejogger

    Palm Springs 737

    Excellent shots Jack!!!!!!!!!
  14. lifejogger

    Curtiss C-46 Commando

    Nice shots!!!!!!!!! The old C-46 is looking pretty good!!!!!!!!