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  1. Thank you Gumby!!!!!!!! Thank you Don, it is a beautiful place to fly around.
  2. Super shots Gerold and thanks for telling us where the shots are at.
  3. Thanks Bernd!!!!!!!! And no better place to fly cross country than NZ.
  4. Looks like the reinstall worked, good looking shots!!!!!!!
  5. Super shots Iain, the mountains look very real.
  6. Great shots Graeme, enjoyed looking at them!!!!!!!
  7. Great looking shots of the plane!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you John for commenting. Glad you like them Iain!! Thank you Graeme it is a beautiful place, Thanks Adam!!!!!!! It would be nice to have new mesh for the Rocky Mountains, specially Colorado.
  9. Don, your family has been added to my pray list!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks, it the mountains do look very good. Thanks John, the best way to see mountains. Thanks Martyn and the mountians do look good.
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