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  1. lifejogger

    Thank you flsm (Frank)

    Awesome shots!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. lifejogger

    "Meteor Crater" AZ

    Meteor crater looks good, super shot s of it!!!!!!!
  3. lifejogger

    On laughter-silvered wings.

    Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. Great shots and poem. (you should enter this shot in the screenshot competition)
  4. lifejogger

    Two Harbors Catalina Island late afternoon

    Great post TTM!!!!!! Super shots and flight.
  5. lifejogger

    Into the Mystic

    Excellent shot Mark!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. lifejogger

    Southend to Heathrow (almost)

    Super shots Andy....
  7. An excellent shot Frank!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. lifejogger

    San Diego & its animated jetways.

    I always like shots of the airport, these are very good.
  9. lifejogger

    Some shots over London XP TEGB South

    Excellent shots!!!!!!!!!!
  10. lifejogger

    TEGB V4.4 - Swansea, Wales

    Super shots Adam!!!!!!!!!! You make TE for P3D v4.4 look great.
  11. lifejogger


    Wow, that paint job will catch you eye, very good!!!!!!!!!
  12. lifejogger

    USAF Visiting Old Blighty

    Enjoyed your shots, they are very good!!!!!
  13. Great shots!!!!!!!!!!! XP11 looks soooo good.
  14. lifejogger

    Randoms from the album

    Great variety of shots, enjoyed looking at them.