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  1. That is pretty nice, seeing the people get off the plane and them watching people get on the plane. Nice shots of it.
  2. Out standing shots!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Good looking shots and nice clouds.
  4. Thanks for the smiley faces John.
  5. Thank you Iain!!!!!! Glad you like them Jack!!!!!!!!!
  6. Are saying my scenery does not look like Orbx Africa? Orbx Central show it is installed in Prepar3d ver 4.
  7. Thanks, South Africa has some interesting scenery.
  8. A short flight from the small airport of FAFK - Fisantkraal to Cape Town.
  9. One of Orbx's best scenery, super shots of it.
  10. Great shots and great song!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nice shots with great views of the scenery.
  12. Please fasten your seat belts.
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