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  1. ESSA is old and need an update. VIP is missing in cranes has moved a way regars Patric Ek
  2. Climbing out of my new Orbx CYLW, bound for CYXY Best regards Patric
  3. Hi and thanks for a great platform and scenerys. I am wondering if PAJN works with out NSA, since it says it is issues for V5 Thanks in advance KaptenEk
  4. Looks just great... Plz ad some south parts also Area around "Duxno" But plz make it for P3d also. I abanoned MSFS in december Patric Ek
  5. Love it But would like to see the planned route also on external devices ie Ipad Regards Patric Ek (KaptenEk)
  6. Hi and thanks for a lovely scenery. However it´s impossible to remove the GA´s at the parkings via Orbx central. Regards Patric Ek
  7. My latest P3D resets the scenery to start position some nm before Leipa Vor. No OOM or crash, it simply resets. I have had my FTX central set to auto update and when I look at the installed products I now have Balticum DEMO witch I don't myself have installed . Installed Orbx Products GLOBAL FTX Global Base Pack FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.40 September 2015 AIRPORT CEJ4 FTX CAN CEJ4 CLARESHOLM INDUSTRIAL VERSION 2.00 CEN4 FTX CAN CEN4 HIGH RIVER REGIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 2.10 EDBH FTX GLOBAL EDBH BARTH AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 - February 2014 EDCG FTX GLOBAL EDCG R
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