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  1. Hello, I just installed Scotland Dundee, the sceney is like usual excellent and beautifull, but I hear a fire noise and I Don't see any animation about it. May be I'm tired because I Don't sleep this night or I'm going made ? Thanks for your explanation, best regards, Benoît
  2. Once again thanks a lot to all, I just update Navigraph and I have the runway in my database addons. Best regards, Benoît
  3. Thanks to all for your help, regards, Ben
  4. Hello Nick and thanks for your interest, I have the same problem with the Majestic Dash, Aerosoft airbus family and I beleive Navigraph doesn't update this new 2019 airport. However, the default airport exist in Prepar3D4. I Don't understand it not match in all fmc-cdu. But the scenery is great. regards, ben
  5. Hello, I just buy the very last scenery ESKS Scandinavian mountains airport and in my PMDG 737 ngxu, the airport doesn't exist in the FMC and of course no runway 33 or 15 on ND. I use visual point and ILS but it'snot very fun. Have you a solution ? Thanks a lot for your answer, regards, Benoît.
  6. Hello, What a very good idea to make Key west !!! Is it planned for P3D4 ? The Xplane screenschots scenerie are wonderfull. I dream to fly and land at the Keys. I hope for it, regards, Ben
  7. Hello, I fly with the last PMDG Boeing 737 NGXu and I would like to know if this version compatible with " Immersion ". Thanks a lot for help, regards, Benoît.
  8. Hello, I bought the London City airport with PBR and Edinburg with PBR. This technology is so strong for my computer. I think this PBR ask a monster computer like Alienware. My computer run good in the sceneries without PBR. It's not a good idea. Many simmers are in my situation, we are very disapointed. I hope in the futur, you'll make the same sceneries without PBR. Best regards, Benoît
  9. Thanks a lot for your quickly help Scott, regards, Benoît
  10. Hello, I just buy the London City airport and when I open FTX central, when I run the installation, I have a message " there are no download available for this product " and I wait or I restart my computer, Always this message. I know when I install An Orbx scenerie, we see this message a few secondes but in my case, the message stay. Could you please help me ? I must say I have no Firewall or antivirus. Thanks a lot for your help, best regards, Benoît.
  11. Thanks a lot Nick, regards, Benoît
  12. Hello, I'm downloading Orbx Australian V2 and I would like if I can keep Hervey Bay, Bisbane Int airport and Melbourne airport as is ? regards, Benoît.
  13. Hello, like say above Nick Cooper, I disable " Dynamic 3D autogen vegetation " and the autogen vegetation off. ( they are two different paramaters at " World ) " After restart, I have the Orbx trees. regards, benoît
  14. OK, I see the Orbx trees, great, thank you Nick, regards, benoît
  15. Sorry, I Don't know how make a sceenshot and how send it to you.
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