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  1. I'm loving the screenshots, although I'm now thinking I might have to think about also grabbing openLC SA myself - coupled with v4 it really does provide a stunning backdrop to your screenshots. I'm really glad you're getting enjoyment out of the plane
  2. I've been very wary of letting tools automatically swap out cfg files in Program Data in v4 given that's what LM are trying to move from, so I felt a little safer having it write the MakeRwys_scenery.cfg to the sim root and handling the swap by hand. (Although I already have to run MakeRwys whenever I add any new scenery in anyway due to RC4, so swapping the file wasn't too much more work after that)
  3. Thanks - I never like to offsite link without checking first Ok, first of all following the instructions here and then running MakeRwys.exe will drop a file named MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg into your sim root folder This file is a scenery.cfg file that contains all of your scenery including ones in the Add-on folder Via "Run" or your preferred method of navigating a folder, go here: %programdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 BACK UP YOUR SCENERY.CFG FILE - For the love of everything good, please do this! Rename/move your original scenery.cfg to somewhere safe, an
  4. The thing is, with LM pushing towards this being the primary method it's not going to go away - I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see it enforced at some future point as it isn't just about not dumping files in the sim root, but also not interfering with the core configuration files. The key benefit that I can see is that it avoids add-ons or users corrupting any of the sim's core config files, or leaving anything at all behind on clean install (Not to mention zero-config for reinstalls - even on a total Windows reinstall all of my aircraft/scenery that was using the new method j
  5. I'd be quite happy to accept an initial version without ObjectFlow as well - your idea of part functional is still a million miles ahead of some people's idea of full price, finished products. Partial functionality is still better than none at all (And if I really get desperate then it'll be a good time to remind myself how lucky we are that our license covers FSX and all versions of P3D!)
  6. Also, Windows 7 & 8.1 both still get security updates, and will do for several more years - they're no less safe as long as they're kept up to date. (2020, and 2023 respectively by the way.) Additionally, Windows 10 was not immune to said malware - a patch had to be pushed out for it just the same as it was for 7/8.1 There's no reason for people to be chastised for refusing to switch before those dates, especially not if their current choice of OS meets their needs adequately. If 10 works for you great! But be aware that other people might not share that same experience, or mi
  7. For those who were wondering about the install location, it looks like it still installs directly into the sim folder rather than the new add-ons folder, so make sure you still let FTX Central make backups when it asks you.
  8. Confirmed from here too, is the new version it seems
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