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  1. Greetings old friends! I just realised it's been about 5 years since I last popped in to say hi to everyone. I got a bit excited by the news that we would finally be seeing a new MSFS and began to think about getting back into simming once more. Alas, in my protracted absence from the community it appears that my large collection of FTX scenery has been rendered useless by a change in the online activation process at some point and given that there'll be new FS relatively I don't see much point in buying FSX stuff I already bought once. But it prompted me to come and check in a
  2. Happy Birthday Frank! Sounds like it was a good one mate Cheers, Derek
  3. Ah, the ever legendary Primary... I posted some pics of one from the early days of our Gliding Club a short while ago here - link Great video!
  4. Thankyou everyone! It's a pleasure to share treasures like this. Jeez, I could have used slew mode a few weeks ago when I landed out... One step away and the step is up to a hang-glider. The old primaries would have nowhere near the glide ratio of a decent hang-glider, and wouldn't even have been as safe. Hey! Its a "Yawstring" thankyou very much And that 5 cent piece of wool does a better job than the $1200 battery eating turn-and-bank coordinator. I would imagine so. Not quite in the same league as this sexy beast
  5. G'day all, So my gliding club, GCWA, had its 70th anniversary last year. We recently had a big party to celebrate the milestone, and I was tasked with collecting as many old photos and slides as I could from old members. There was some great stuff hidden away in people's collections, and I thought I'd share a couple of the more interesting old shots with you. Go grab a tea, there's a few here (in no particular order...) Hope you enjoy!! A busy day on the lineup at the club's original location - Caversham Airfield. Primary Gliders and the club's old truck. A Motorfalke motor glider - t
  6. Well, it had to happen eventually. I finally pushed a bit hard for the conditions and got caught out low. This was my first solo outlanding, 2 years of XC flying under my belt and I'd never had to practice this since being endorsed - I've been very lucky with conditions so far. I'm happy to report that all of my training kicked in exactly as it should and I had a good field picked well before things got hairy, and the paddock landing was executed safely. Then it was a matter of sitting around twiddling the thumbs until another club member could drive the trailer out to me... Cheers, D
  7. Looks like a pretty standard "9-DOF" sensor board like the one from Sparkfun here. If you're that way inclined, you can use these with some neat Kalman filtering to create AHRS type applications that are sometimes used in RC aircraft and other purposes. By 9 degrees of freedom (marketing guff, they're really 6-DOF), they're talking about the 9 measurements made - measuring rotation around the 3 axes measured absolutely (ie, differential from moment to moment) and 3 axes of rotation measured relatively (ie, measured against a fixed reference, in this case the earth's magnetic field,) plus lin
  8. I had a good few days of flying the Mozzie from Thursday to Sunday just gone, got some Cross Country flights in although the conditions were far from ideal. It behaved impeccably, I'm very happy with it While up flying Friday, a band of Thunderstorm activity moved into the area. Enroute to my first turnpoint (Bonnie Rock) I saw some towering Cumulonimbus building dead ahead on track and as I got to within 40km I saw massive red dust clouds being kicked up by the downburst. Time to turn around I thought, so I headed further south. While themalling North of Merredin, I took the opportu
  9. Thanks everyone! Soaring in stock FSX is very basic. The thermals don't really act like they do in real life - they're much wider for one thing, and they are consistently strong throughout. Ridge lift is not modelled at all. I have no experience with ASN, although I don't seem to recall it offering any improvements to soaring weather. CumulusX is what you want if you are interested in soaring - it adds a complete soaring weather model with more accurately modelled thermals based on ground temperatures and trigger points, and also models ridge lift based on ground terrain and wind spe
  10. Well, the soaring season has kicked off over here in West Oz. The weather hasn't been as spectacular as it was this time last year, but it's definitely possible to soar cross country on almost any day. Given that I had a fantastic season last year, my first XC season, I've set myself some tougher goals this year - getting at least one 750km flight under my belt, and having a crack at top spot in the national sub-200 hour rankings. I've also been given the opportunity to step up into a better aircraft... This is a Glasflugel Mosquito B, rego VH-FQO. The Mozzie is a glass-fibre s
  11. Another very quick little video for you all. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi4C4AW5wPc This was taken last soaring season during a 308km cross country flight but I've only just found the moment I was looking for in the video footage. While on my third leg, back to Cunderdin from Burakin, I stopped in a very nice thermal near Manmanning and found 6-8knots of lift. This quickly increased to 10-12knots and as I rode the elevator up I noticed a bird above me. A couple of turns later, it dived down to my level to check me out, flying in towards the cockpit before diving away to avo
  12. Thanks for the comments everyone I've got some more video coming soon... I think it's actually easier in real life than in a simulator. There's a lot to be said for the effect of having peripheral vision giving you attitude cues, and also to the physical sensations that tell you what the aircraft is doing. Part of the reason I'm not flying in FSX as much any more is that I now find it difficult without all those peripheral and non-visual cues to help me! The removable canopy is actually very thin acrylic, and doesn't weigh much at all. It is fragile and awkward to han
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