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  1. It’s good to hear things are moving again. Long overdue, but better late than never! I look forward to the update and am one of the lucky recipients of a free LGKO. Thanks guys!
  2. Second this. If an update is not delivered as promised, I too will be making a request for a refund. Seems the ORBX label has lost a bit of its value. Gothenborg is absolutely awesome, but Edinburgh a disappointment. Will be awaiting reviews on any further releases before making another purchase. (I have heard media from my country have been excluded from review copies because we are not a big enough market. )
  3. I have found this to be standard ORBX TENL behaviour. If you zoom out in top-down mode, you can see that the snow textures cover only part of the country. I don't know why this is. Change the date to december and I think you will find the snow is gone.
  4. Hi ORBX, With January, it seems Hard Winter has arrived in True Earth Netherlands HD. While it looks like a post card, snow cover like that is quite rare in the Netherlands. May be one or two times every year for only a few days. Would it be possible to make the snow coverage a setting in the configuration panel, and use the normal winter textures for the whole winter season unless the snow option is ticked? Thanks in advance,
  5. And, aside from the answer itself, you think it’s a smart idea to just completely ignore a paying loyal customer? Sorry guys but what’s going on? Edinburgh was a bad release in multiple ways and still hasn’t been fixed after weeks (or is it months now?), and helping with a basic request such as the above isn’t possible? (Note there are more people watching this thread and commenting/liking, so it isn’t a very strange question) This isn’t the ORBX that I Have known. I used to buy all of your releases in ‘my area’ (Europe) without even checking the price or screenshots. It seems I have to reconsider this.
  6. Dear ORBX, Being a 20+ products customer (not that this should matter, but still) I would really appreciate a reply on the request above. Thanks In advance ,
  7. Do you have FS AERODATA ? It has aerodrome reference points that may differ from the ORBX one. Making sure ORBX ESSA is listed above FS AERODATA in your library should fix things.
  8. Hi ORBX, I think this has been asked before, but I can't find it anywhere so here goes: It would be mosst helpful if you could provide us with an exclude file for ORBX lights in the EHAM area. Currently, EHAM is covered by floating streetlights that we can not exclude using normal ADE exclusions because ORBX has opted to divert from standard SDK if I understand correctly? I have dug into the different autogen GUIDs assigned to your lights but there are so many different ones that for an outsider, it is impossible to create a working exclusion file. If you could help me out by providing an exclusion for the EHAM Area for all of your lights that would be most helpful. If anybody else knows how to fix this annoying issue and can offer input, I would be very grateful as well. Greetings, Erik
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