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  1. Yep, its not support forum here as in the title. Did You notice it???? NO SUPPORT REQUESTS HERE PLEASE Use proper corner for this.
  2. Nobody has it, just advertising something that will be I suppose ,
  3. Maybe just Flight, just Flight whole July? (and I dont talk about different company )
  4. I recived info about sale - FlyJuly. What is it? Info: Any idea about this announcement? I dont see any discount just for TE Orlando and Bundle products.
  5. Thank You for The tip, it works again!
  6. Two bugs with P3Dv5 HT2: - no external sound on Cinematic view - default view Cinematic - one view has very fast camera (I fly Cessna but camera moves very fast like Im in jet) :) I have 1.2.41v. of ChP.
  7. So, Vector for v5 was released, TY! Just one question - if Orbx scenery addon for v5 also has option "Tick if you have Vector"(like it was for P3Dv4). I must tick that I have Vector or leave still unticked (because FTX Vector leaves many things as default P3Dv5)?
  8. Thank You ! Im downloading now. https://orbxdirect.com/product/global-vector-p3dv5 It looks now like this:
  9. Hi, in v5. I noticed that on 11S Seiku no asphalt textures on airstrip / taxiways, the same on KHQM Bowerman Airport (freeware) too. it looks like photo textures only (but without asphalt background texture) with not very good resolution: Oryginal: As You can see, asphalt textures are present. Now I see detail1.bmp texture of P3Dv5 and something like poor quality phototextures. Similar topic is here (but I havent any Object flow or missing buildings issue), On many screenshots from this topic from v5 I see no asphalt texture also:
  10. Its not issue but intended action. LM added a lot of new buildings, even on old airports, it needs new kind exclusions and blocking. Pity that many old sceneries needs to be updated for this. Its a lot of work again. I did it for few airports more important for me (freeware addons also) manually. Maybe Orbx for Freeware Airports set will do it automatically to save many time (if the process like this exists). Here how to do this with ADE: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/119543-How-to-remove-new-airports-buildings-in-P3Dv5
  11. No, but no this addon for download in Orbx Central for v5 till now.
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