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  1. Are You ready for trips over Global openLC Africa? Topic for plane and skin suggestions - so uses / used in Africa or skin is in african style . Idea of this topic is simply - I always prefer to use registration or skin used in this Country where I'm. Few suggestions from my side: 1/ Antonov/Mielec An-2 of ATSim, the plane was used in Africa and this skins also: You can download it from ATSim webpage. Default skin. 2/ Pilatus PC-6 Porter of Milviz, plane = yes, skin = as I know not but it fits very well here also: Default skin. 3/ MH-1521 Broussard of ATSim, plane = yes, skin = yes Default skin.
  2. Thank You for all nice words , here is link for file on SOH: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?linkid=26496&catid=215 .
  3. Do You like bush flying, weathering, scratches and dirty pit of working horse in rough terrain? This plane, region and skin will be for you. Due to the situation with COVID-19 I am at home, I have a little more free time now ;> and I did something for this kind of flying (my favorite kind btw.). Here is a little different set of screenies ;). Not only screenies but the repaint for MV PC-6 also. This plane was used by JAARS operator: Indonesia / West Papua so its perfect plane and skin for FTX Global, Vector, PNG Holgermesh (free), AYEO Emo Mission (free), AYPY Jacksons with 10x bush strips and 20x enhanced regional airports and TAP Tapini Airport for sure. A lot of ambitious and unforgettable flights on this Region in P3Dv4.5! The repaint (textures only) for Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter B2-H4 model (payware addon for P3Dv4.4+). You need to have this great model of this legendary PC-6 plane. The repaint of Porter PK-UCF of JAARS organization. In aviation, JAARS helps its field partners start and run local aviation programs. This help comes in the form of training staff, setting standards, equipping aircraft, research, and more. In turn, these partners provide a range of transportation services to a variety of people, including translators, support personnel, consultants, trainers, linguists, Christian mission organizations, hospitals, local people and governments. These services can also include medical evacuations and disaster relief work. The real plane is used in JAARS Indonesia / West Papua - because airplanes are the only safe way to reach many isolated villages and communities in Indonesia. Textures set (outside and inside) was tested in P3Dv4.5 HT2. The package contains external textures, many tweaks and improvements and interior modifications. Enjoy of bush flying and new adventures! The skin was uploaded for SOH and soon on Avisim/Flightsim also.
  4. Ok, I solved it: Scroll down here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/ayeo I installed AYPY and its ok from now! Prerequisite Products You require ALL of the following products to use AYEO Emo Mission.
  5. Tha same Today.... and see this: The same issue. Looks like Orbx never updated this for P3Dv4 or... no this textures in the last install version. I know, its an old addon but pretty please - is it any solution for this? Maybe few textures for this parts of Emo Mission !???
  6. Today's trip, over Papua New Guinea (Emo Mission - free Orbx addon): Good place for STOL practices!
  7. Thx Nick but in March 2020 is planned still as it was in FTX plans = 1Q 2020? Fingers crossed!
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