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  1. OK thank you for your answer. It would be nice if it was visible (like before this patch, so its possible), if we install with Orbx Direct, and if not, well, you will have to live with it .
  2. Yep but I dont have Orbx files in MSFS main folder, just on different place on second disc. If you reinstall it (I didnt it but see posts of the others) this issue is still present.
  3. The first official Patch out but after installation I dont see my Orbx content (MSFS tab "Installed"). Example (I did verify files, looks ok for me): Tab "Installed" in MSFS 1.7.140 v (before this update was ok, I saw here addons, now I dont see):
  4. Yep, its not support forum here as in the title. Did You notice it???? NO SUPPORT REQUESTS HERE PLEASE Use proper corner for this.
  5. Nobody has it, just advertising something that will be I suppose ,
  6. Maybe just Flight, just Flight whole July? (and I dont talk about different company )
  7. I recived info about sale - FlyJuly. What is it? Info: Any idea about this announcement? I dont see any discount just for TE Orlando and Bundle products.
  8. Thank You for The tip, it works again!
  9. Two bugs with P3Dv5 HT2: - no external sound on Cinematic view - default view Cinematic - one view has very fast camera (I fly Cessna but camera moves very fast like Im in jet) :) I have 1.2.41v. of ChP.
  10. So, Vector for v5 was released, TY! Just one question - if Orbx scenery addon for v5 also has option "Tick if you have Vector"(like it was for P3Dv4). I must tick that I have Vector or leave still unticked (because FTX Vector leaves many things as default P3Dv5)?
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