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  1. Hello I have had Orbx for a long time. Have reset computer Win 10 Now central will not load.Have attached files below Can you help please Keith
  2. Thank you for your response. Finally I can see what is going wrong. I thought you could flight plan from small ones to Tapini. Penny take a while to sink in when old. Cheers from New Zealand.
  3. Hello, I have all the right ORBX fitted,plus AYPY , Tapini, emo hogermess etc. For some reason I have trouble with setting up on FSX planner. If it sets up I do not get correct scenery.. Can anyoun help please. Cheers.
  4. Hello. Have ORBX FTX Global Base Pack, Global Vector and Global Libs AYPY Jakjsons International Airport Also NZNI NZSI Milford Sounds , Queenstown. AYPY loads up okay, but will not load onto settings in FSX I have boxed FSX Gold etc. Windows 10 Home edition. PNG Hogermesh does not show. Have tried all settings. Can anyone help please. O/N FSS0527333 2016-10-12 Regards Keith
  5. Hello Have installed FSX clean on win 10 computer. Works p Have erfect except I get some black spots on some scenery. Have Orbx Base, Vector, NZNI, NZ SI installed. I have tried all sorts of settings without success Have included a couple of piks.. Any help welcome. Keith
  6. this has all been done before,but,I am old and new to Flight sims. I have FSX Steam installe don Win 10. I have purchased Orbx Global base, NZ SI , NZ Ni, plus Nilfornd sounds. The Milford and SI pack work almost. I cannot get the NZ NI to load properly. Any help wpond be appreciated.. Thank you from Keith
  7. Hello. I have steam FSX installed okay. I have Orbx Global Base installed. Plus NZ NI NZ SI and Milford sounds pack. Cannot seem to load them into scenery with FSX. Any help would be welcome. Cheers Keith.
  8. Hello and thank you all. tried very hard to install,but no good. have received the disc backups. soon as I used them all okay. Thank for help Keith.
  9. Hello. Purchased FTX Global Base from above Flight sim Reg No.removed I have Steam and win 10. It will not finish unwrapping . Have tried everway. I gets to select setting,bit, I cannot put a setting in Please any help. Please answer. Keith..
  10. Hello I purchased Orb 067 ORBFX NZ South Island form Flightsimstore.com. I have Win 10 and FSX Steam edition. Installation goes through till last bit. Wont` go any further. Can you help please. Flight sim reffered me to you. Please answer . Cheers Keith
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