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  1. Ah okay. I tought he added it to list for a FTX Vector update. Many Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, So now a Vector update came out but I still got the lights on the airport ? Did you forget about them?
  3. Hi, Okay thats good to know. So nothing I can do for now? Do I have to wait for a Vector update or can someone make a simple fix for this which will not take that long? As far as I can remember I had this problem with the AS German airport package as well a long time ago. So nothing has changed since then I guess. But thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks for your reply. I tried like you said but the lights are still there. Where do I need to put this ade file? Right now I can’t get it to work.
  5. Hello. I have a small issue which annoys me pretty hard at Berlin Tegel I have got some road lights on the Apron which don't go away if you use EDDT Pro by Aerosoft. I am using P3D v4 with GEN and EDDT PRO by Aerosoft I can see where these lights are coming from because there is tunnel blow the apron in real life. But on the other end of the runway there are some more which I can't explain to myself. I dont know why its not getting excluded like all other lights on Aprons. I tried to exclude them myself by building my own bgl and stuff but no luck. Since, EDDT is my home
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